So what's with the bells? [SPOILERS]

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  3. So what's with the bells? [SPOILERS]

User Info: cherold

7 years ago#1
I didn't get all the bells, and I'm not really into replaying games to get all the items, so I was hoping someone would be so kind to tell me what you find out if you get all the bells? Because all those weird stories about girls who sound like cats and can pretend to be other girls by wearing bells is very puzzling to me. Thanks.
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User Info: jolin138

7 years ago#2
I didn't get all the bells either but i watched the other ones online and the last bell reveals that is a cat, and all the people who she lived with knew that that wasn't the original cat but bell(the name that the cat got at the end) made all of them happy.

User Info: Zelloss

7 years ago#3
You can find them on Youtube, I suggest you look them up there.

However, if you just want a summary....

In the penultimate part, after pretending to be another girl, the identity stealer returns to her own little shack on a cliff to find it is burning down. She rushes inside to save her bells, but gets trapped inside - and so jumps out a window with the bells in tow.

The finale involves her being found by the last man she'd tricked. She gives him the bells and tells him to go; but before long he comes back with all of the people she'd tricked over the years. Every one tells her that they knew who she was all along, that she wasn't their beloved girls - that they loved her for being so kind as to try to make them happy. So, together, they wrap her in a blanket and carry her off.

It ends on, I believe... "My name is Bell of the seven rainbow-colored bells, and I am the luckiest cat in the world"
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User Info: XImperialDragon

7 years ago#4
Yeah, that ending was so funny, lol. The writer led you along to believe it was a human the whole time, pretending to be those girls, when in reality it was a cat bringing the bells home, signaling to those who missed them that they were dead.

Cue Robot Chicken

The twist!
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User Info: Din_Ichimaru

7 years ago#5
I thought it was pretty obvious the books were narated by a cat.
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User Info: Sneakers

7 years ago#6
If the bottom row of the briefcase are all bells, then I think I missed 3...but when I got the latter ones I figured it was a cat....especially the Silver one I think it was....Chris I think.

Those ones were quite well written and narrated.
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User Info: lunarXskies

7 years ago#7
I always thought it was a dog until the last few books >
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  3. So what's with the bells? [SPOILERS]

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