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User Info: bnui_ransder

6 years ago#1
I just got into the mall, and I have 400yen and a broken bamboo sword. Im stuck in this room with these 3 leg ghost things and I do 9 damage to to them. I swear ive been hitting them for an hour already and none of them are dying. Is there a special way to kill them?

Im usually one to just keep trying and figure it out on my own, but this is BS.

User Info: Chojuto

6 years ago#2
Lol I feel like we've had this exact same topic before.

The running ghost leg things heal, so trying to kill them with a broken weapon will get you nowhere. They heal faster than you can damage them. You gotta learn that in Fragile Dreams, you should always have a backup weapon. Weapons break randomly and you gotta have another weapon prepared in case that happens. What you gotta go do now is backtrack to find some jellyfish things, and grind on those until you get enough money to buy a stick from the merchant. Use the stick and beat up those leg thingies and DON'T forget to obtain another weapon as soon as you can. But DON'T sell the stick! You need at least 2 weapons! 1 to use, and 1 as a backup!

User Info: Maximo37

6 years ago#3
I just beat the game for the second time since its US release in early 2010... (and I love the game by the way...)... I struggled the first time, trying to keep up with all the new (and "strongest" weapons...)... after fumbling through finishing the game the first time, I learned A LOT!... first of all, you DON'T need the "strongest" weapons, but the "sturdiest"... I started with the stick... moved up to the bamboo sword... then finally the broom (which hardly ever breaks)... and the broom is ultimately what I stuck with for the remainder of the game... BUY LOTS of your weapon of choice... the broom is awkward at first, because you swing it, instead of a jab... but once you get used to it, its REALLY effective... especially if you "power" if up before swinging... and keep in mind, level grinding is a wonderful thing... you will top out at level 35... and with a little level grinding, you will reach level 20 to 25 before the 1/2 way point... just find an area where there are some not so difficult enemies (and near a fire pit), kill, save, repeat... I finished the game the second time with only minor hiccups...

If I were you, I'd start over... with the mindset of level grinding and weapon hoarding... don't be afraid to spend some money on lots of duplicate weapons... you will gain a lot of money if you decide to level grind... I finished the game with over 30 brooms... 40 sticks (which I wound up selling along the way)... and 30 bamboo swords (which I also sold)... Oh and keep a couple of the shooting weapons, once you gain access to them (sling shot or cross bow perhaps... not the BEST weapon, but a couple of bosses require it...)

Good luck.. have fun... don't give up... its not too tough a game overall... (if I can finish it, almost anyone can...)
What a horrible night to have a curse...

User Info: Chojuto

6 years ago#4
I'd actually recommend not selling any weapons ever. It's always a good idea to have plenty of backup weapons and you get pretty ripped off from selling them too. And as for my recommended weapon type: sword type weapons by far. If you have a good sense of timing you can do a killer 3 hit combo with them that can out perform ALL the other weapons in terms of damage. Not to mention it's a damn fast weapon type too.

User Info: kobalobasileus

6 years ago#5
I personally preferred the broom (staff-type) and longbow (ranged) weapons.

But as for your current situation, TC, you can just ignore the killer pants and run past them. Keep wandering around and you'll find a replacement weapon.

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