Here is the Elite leveling glitch (can get to 99 if you want)

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  3. Here is the Elite leveling glitch (can get to 99 if you want)

User Info: HunteristheGame

8 years ago#1
Ok first off I will say this 100% works because I tried it. I didn't use it to get to Elite 99 though because really what is the fun in that. If you have a fast internet connection then this shouldn't take long.
For the leveling glitch to work you have to have your ACES past level 20, the further up they are the faster this will work.
1) Start up Vegas 2 while connected to the internet and go to edit your character. Select to reset appearance and change the gender to the opposite of the current (If female change to male, or if male change to female).
2) Once the game saves exit the game and back to the PS3 main system menu. Disconnect from the internet. Go to Gamedata (NOT savedata) and delete the R6V2 gamedata. (This only deletes the patch, the mappack, and the data put onto the HDD from the game disc)
3) While still disconnected from the internet start up Vegas 2 (will take about 5 minutes for game to put data back onto HDD from the disc) and go to edit again. Now change your characters gender back to what it started as. Once it saves connect back to the internet and when prompted download the patch again.
4) Once the patch is installed start up the game again and it will pop up that you have reached Elite 1 then will show you reach another Elite level, higher then what you were before. The higher your ACES the more points you get for each level past and thus level more.
My ACES are all 100 (1,200,000XP boost) so I jumped from a legit level 36 to boosted 46, I did this one more time and jumped from 46 to 54. The higher Elite you go the more points it requires to level up so each time you will level less and less.
Once you get to the level you desire go to the Playstation store and redownload the mappack again and enjoy your new rank.
*****Note- this will work even if you are not to Elite yet as long as your ACES are above level 20. After level 20 you get a 5000XP bonus for each level and that is how this glitch ranks you up through ACES "overflow".

This is very useful for those who have lost their ranks because their PS3 crashed or their rank reset somehow so they can get back to where they were before. Just work on ACES only then boost with this glitch. Enjoy!!

User Info: nindz

8 years ago#2
im tempted to try this but dont know for certain if this will work

User Info: darkstar1080

8 years ago#3
works fine

User Info: assassin349

8 years ago#4
wait so if you are like a level 1, and you do this, you can go from level 1 to level Elite in a few minutes?????
PSN: awesomedude222

User Info: HunteristheGame

8 years ago#5
I can 100% guarantee this works, I have done it. Just DO NOT delete SAVE data...only GAME data.

And no you can not jump to Elite from level 1. I was referring to level 1 as Elite level 1. The game says that you reached Elite level 1 then instantly shows you your new higher then before Elite level once you do this and reinstall patch. This is of course if you were already an Elite something. Now you can get to Elite quicker this way if you are not already Elite. You have to have ACES above 20 (so you are re-rewarded the 5,000 xp per level past 20 that was added in with the patch). So just to get enough past level 20 on some ACES to be worth the time you will likely have gotten yourself ranked decently high already. Like I said my ACES have been maxed at 100 each for a long time so I got the most out of this because I was re-rewarded the 5,000 xp per level past 20 on each. That is 80 levels per ACE (240 levels in all) with 5,000 xp per level (1,200,000 xp in all) so that is a HUGE boost in ranking. So I personally wouldn't bother with it unless you have gotten ACES well above 20, say at least into the 40-50s or higher (that should net you around 300,000-500,000 or so XP, thats nearly what it takes just to get Elite 1). You should get a few ranks this way. Like I said the only thing that takes time is the game disc putting info back onto the HDD, otherwise the patch is very small and takes minutes with my slow DSL, broadband would be seconds probably.

User Info: assassin349

8 years ago#6
well i am like a Gunnery sgt. or something, but if i get all my ACES to 20, can i go to elite from Lt. or whatever i will be when they are all lvl 20??
PSN: awesomedude222

User Info: HunteristheGame

8 years ago#7
No. I type this again. The boost you get from doing this comes from the extra 5,000 xp you get per level PAST 20 you are on each ACEs. So just 20 gets you nothing, and only a few levels past just gets you those few 5000 xp boost again. Like I said this is really only worth the time if you are up near 40 or above in your ACES. This will give you a decent boost and should no problem put you into the Elites.
See the way this works is before the patch the silver Elite badge was the highest rank and ACES stopped at 20. The patch enabled every level past 20 on each ACE to give a 5000 xp bonus. By removing the patch and reinstalling (only on the manor listed above) it will RE-GIVE that 5000 for each level because it somehow thinks you are just putting in the patch for the first time thus giving you all those 5000 xp bonuses again. But if you are yet to even pass 20 then DO NOT do this because nothing will happen but you wasting your time.

User Info: Aryvlock_Cross

8 years ago#8
Riiiiiight, so this is why I see lots of +60 Elites running around who couldn't shoot my @55 if I was gaping them in the face goatse syle. When will people learn the only things that count are your ratio and accuracy.

User Info: HunteristheGame

8 years ago#9
^^ Not always the case though. Before I tried this out I was a legit 38 Elite (Have had this game and played the crap out of it since release day). But I only play story mode and THs, the MP on this game lags SOOOOOO bad it is unplayable to me. Could be my connection but then again COD doesn't lag for me so that tells me it is just UBIs crappy servers. Anywho because of the lag the few times i've tried MP on Vegas 2 I have been terrible because i'm shooting at someone who isn't where I see them because of the lag delay.
And yes the rankings mean zero, but with me having this game since release day and only at a 38 I figure likely no one could have even gotten close to a legit 99 yet so why did they bother to put such a high rank in the game. All it shows is how long you have played not your skill. So why not at this point with this game nearly dead just glitch up to the max rank for fun it you want.
Also this is not the only method to rank up quick in this game but it is the quickest. You can also uninstall the patch and do the Act 1 turret glitch but that would take a VERY long time to rank you up much.
This is mostly good for those who have lost ranks. I play with a guy who lost his twice already. He was a 27, then a 44, and now is back up to a 39 so legit he should be somewhere in the 70's.

User Info: 1337_SKI11Z

8 years ago#10
Didnt work for me. I started, changed to a female, quit, turned internet connection to "disabled", deleted data, went back in, installed, changed gender, quit, "enabled" internet connection, went back in, downloaded the patch ... nothing.
PSN: The Godfather
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  3. Here is the Elite leveling glitch (can get to 99 if you want)

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