Sound glitch? Gun sounds looping.

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  3. Sound glitch? Gun sounds looping.

User Info: Gnarly_B

6 years ago#1
Anyone else have this problem? It normally happens on terrorist hunt. Basically sometimes when someone fires a gun the sound loops so it's like someone is firing one endlessly. it only fixes when the same person fires that gun again which is a problem when it's an enemy who gets killed because then the sound stays for the whole game.

Is there a fix for this?
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User Info: Tha_One

6 years ago#2
I don't think there's a fix.
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User Info: GuanedOnYou

6 years ago#3
Pick up the gun, shoot it, put it back down.

Doesn't always work, but sometimes it does.

User Info: theOxx

6 years ago#4
It's a common glitch in the game and I remember hearing it is a result of lag. Even the smallest amount of lag can cause it.
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  3. Sound glitch? Gun sounds looping.

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