Best augments to get early on ?

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  3. Best augments to get early on ?

User Info: fofoandmaherhot

5 years ago#1

User Info: MachineLove

5 years ago#2
Definitely the one that extends your radar. Invaluable early on.
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User Info: flintstoner

5 years ago#3
Check out absolute steve's faq on this page. He lists them all and when its good to buy. It helped me out among other good questions.

User Info: Iminyourcloset

5 years ago#4
Probably the hacking capture levels and the lifting augs, since they can get you access to areas you wouldn't normally be able to get into. Maybe the jumping and Icarus augs too.
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User Info: MetallicaOpeth

5 years ago#5
definitely hacking, stealth hacking, cloak, jump
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User Info: NettoSaito

5 years ago#6
Well what I got before even leaving to go "somewhere"

Fall from heights
High jump
Lift heavy objects
Punch through walls
Hacking (up to level 4)
Hacking stealth (max)

Then because I was finding hidden points by getting to out of reach areas (which I was able to reach with punching through walls, and moving heavy objects), I was able to make up for the points I spent, and work on other things.

Inventory space (max)
Maxed Hacking
Melee two targets at the same time (VERY helpful)
Energy Cells

After that I had basically got the points in everything I needed so I started adding points in other things that I didn't really care about as much, but I knew would be helpful.

See through walls
Resistance to poison gas
Resistance to electricity

Once I got them, I started learning skills that I really didn't care about at all.

Faster sprinting speed
Longer sprinting
Radar range
The improved speech options

Really though, it depends on how you want to play. The skills I listed will basically allow you to reach all of the secret areas/hack all of the computers to gain as much EXP as possible, and you'll be able to find a lot of extra points to use as well (so they'll make up for spending points on them early). Still I completely put off getting things such as stealth and aim stabilizing, because I just really didn't see a need for them.

Sure the improved stealth/radar and stuff do help make stealth easier, but they aren't required for it. I was just too used to playing games like MGS where you don't have all of these fancy tools, so in Deus Ex I just went through it the old fashion way. I snuck around, used my jumping and heavy lifting to get to areas out of sight, knocked people out with my melee, and I never needed to worry about enemies out of reach of my radar. Really, the only skill you may need to use is the cloaking system, but even that had limited uses for me.

As for other abilities such as the improved speech system, they also aren't needed. If you're used to games like Mass Effect, Heavy Rain, or any other game with a branching dialog system, you should be getting pretty good at knowing what to say, and if you've ever played a shooting game before, you really shouldn't need aim stabilizers.
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User Info: kokushishin

5 years ago#7
My current favorite is Reflex Booster: being able to take down 2 foes with 1 cell is great for efficiency and the XP bonus is gravy.

Hacking capture and stealth are easy picks as well.

Heavy lifting or jump boost for exploration: I tend to go with the former as it's only one praxis.

Icarus is great to have.

Wall punch similarly is not necessary, but convenient

Carrying capacity can be put off, but it cuts down on backtracking.

I always try to have armor before the first 'boss.'
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User Info: NettoSaito

5 years ago#8
lol the other day I forgot to include the DEF boosters... You are VERY weak at the start, so before you go "somewhere" you might want to learn them as well.
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User Info: darthsnider

5 years ago#9
Depends what you want to do.
If you max out batteries and stealth for instance, none of the other skills are even needed if you play sneaky.
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