Captain Penn's access code location (SPOILER)

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  3. Captain Penn's access code location (SPOILER)

User Info: Vladimir0538

5 years ago#11
Never mind my previous message about Penn's code, it doesn't work unless you find it in the game.
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User Info: BTKain

5 years ago#12
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User Info: MrPing1000

5 years ago#13
I don't know if this will help, but in the sewer system below the police station, there are 2 breakable walls (aug or explosives will do it, you can ever shoot them)

Behind one is a pocket secretary that contains the login codes for an awful lot of terminals in the police station (although not penns)

User Info: alchemy60

5 years ago#14
to get into Captain Penn office is through a vent right next to his room. I managed to use the code to get into his room, as someone posted and backtracked to where the vent led out.
can't believe I didn't figure it out before, and I walked passed it like 5 times.

The only problem is the computer code which surprisingly I found online.

I don't have hacking skill 2 yet so if you guys don't feel like "cheating" per se then don't bother looking at these codes and just hack it:

"Police Department Floor 2 Username: rpenn, Password: apophenion" <- Computer code

User Info: DaGawdfadda

5 years ago#15
I've also scoured the entire police station and there isnt anything behind any bookshelves. Is it in a pocket secretary or just a note or something?

User Info: GI_Joe888

5 years ago#16

Frezell's computer has the code to open Penn's door, not his computer password.

The Auto Unlocking Device is not available to anyone who didn't get access to that from their pre-order.

I read on the Eidos forums that someone looked in the game text, and discovered no mention of Penn's password, meaning that it isn't on any of the data secretary pads in the game. He speculated that it must be written somewhere.

Since people HAVE discovered the password, I'd really LOVE to know how. Was it leaked by one of the developers? It seems very suspicious that NOWHERE has anyone mentioned where the password is found. A lot of people have said what it IS, but not where. And yes, I saw the "it's behind a bookshelf" but I think that's a load of bull. Someone made that up and it's just been passed around like a rumor. No post ever says WHICH bookshelf.

I think the designers just either forgot or decided not to have this quest doable without upgraded hacking. It is a side quest, after all. And others have remarked that other side quests also cannot be completed without upgrading hacking.

Still, I'd love to know how people found out what the password WAS to begin with.

User Info: Turran-MC

5 years ago#17
I scoured the entire station and I do not believe you can obtain his code without level 2 hacking. You need it to complete the sidequest.

Later on you will need at least level 3 hacking to complete a sidequest in Hengsha.

If you want to complete the Doctorate achievement (obtain all the ebooks) you will need level 5 hacking before you reach the final level.

Just get the upgrade.
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  3. Captain Penn's access code location (SPOILER)

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