hdarrow computer password? (spoilers)

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  3. hdarrow computer password? (spoilers)

User Info: edubb21

6 years ago#1
Does anyone know the password for the computer in the room where you find megan reed after you beat namir??? (all white room)

also, does anyone know the passcode for the safe in there too?

i tried looking on that cheat sheet with all the other passwords and passcodes but those seem to be the only 2 passcodes not on the list. as a matter of fact, all of singapore is off that list......(strange)

anyway, thanx in advance.
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User Info: RevolverRez

6 years ago#2
I think you can only hack it. It only contains one E mail about Darrow, but I only skimmed through it.
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User Info: SharkbiteR6

6 years ago#3
yeai never found it, email is about the breakthrough into nano-augmentation tech., thus leading into DX 1. Also shows the Illuminati's intention with the technology, being able to place people under a greater level of control by being able to manipulate the nanites.
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  3. hdarrow computer password? (spoilers)

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