Stun gun or tranq rifle?

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User Info: Oakland510_

5 years ago#1
if you had to pick one for stealth only/no kill run what 1 would u pick?

User Info: Roxas_1124

5 years ago#2
GT- CWest2424

User Info: Shad0w_frost

5 years ago#3
Tranq definitely , can take out enemies from a safe distance. and if another soldier tries to wake one up you can tranq him too and he will fall over before he succeeds. :)

User Info: aimingdevice

5 years ago#4
In my Give me Deus Ex, Foxiest, and Pacifist run through, I chose the stun gun.

Suffice to say, it was useful for like only two parts in the game- the first mission and for the Good Soul achievement, but it was fairly useless afterwards.

It's only real useful when you, for example, fight two guys and only have enough energy to take down one, so you stun gun the other.

I found the Tranq gun much more useful as it hits guys from a far plus it has a silencer. Besides, if you get close enough to stun someone, you might as well use a takedown anyways.
For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill. ~Sun Tzu

User Info: Ragentyle

5 years ago#5
I chose the stun gun for my foxiest/pacifist/hard run if only to stun bosses and make it easier to take out groups without putting points into double take down in the beginning. It was also handy to give someone a quick zap from cover while guards moved around. I didn't have any real problems to be honest. I don't really like sniping and I'm pretty bad at aiming with some of my shots from the tranq rifle not hitting or just alerting the guard in some cases. It was mostly take downs+ the occasional stun. Typhoon and laser rifle for the bosses.
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User Info: Azanode

5 years ago#7
I went with the stun gun. I never felt the need to engage enemies at a distance. If they're that far away then I'm just going to sneak passed them anyway. The stun gun was good for when my battery was recharging or if I wanted to take down more than one enemy.

I don't think it would make much difference anyway, since avoidance and takedowns will form the majority of your approach if you want to be stealthy.

User Info: zerobobo

5 years ago#8
stun gun.
tranq rifle takes too much space, the ammo is slightly rarer, and well, im not a sissy who needs to snipe my enemies.

plus the twitch from the stun gun is super fun lol

though i will admit. most of the time you can just use a take down instead.

User Info: Ryu88Master

5 years ago#9
i give you a scenario and you pick your choice.

1.there are 3 enemies 1 is far 2 is standing together, what do you do? ok right, tranq the furthest and double take down on the closest!

2.there are 4 enemies 1 is further away 1 is further another away 2 is standing together?
ok right snipe tranq the furtherest, sneak 2 takedown and snipe again.

3.5 enemies this time 1 further 1 further 3 close? abit hard? not really same old stuff snipe 1 further, snipe another further, save, snipe 1 of 3, then double-down. easy?

now u ask me? what if it is 3 together and 2 together? well simple. do you know cyber candy bar? the one which regen your energy? 2 double down and 1 snipe-solved.

the question is what if you have a stun gun? ..................okay u will fix it but will be as fast as tranq? i dont thing so~

besides get tranq at the start eventually on of the garage in detroit will have a stun gun so you can have both, why bother picking at the start?

User Info: Gnifty

5 years ago#10
Stun gun, since it can deal with Bots and Cams. Plus if you´re at a distance, enemies don´t matter anyway, you just bypass them.
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