Lethal or non-lethal?

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User Info: tseifer10

5 years ago#1
I just started the game. I killed some folks in the prologue. Also, I chose "lethal" for the first mission, but I haven't actually killed anyone yet. What counts as a "non-lethal" game, and what do you get for doing it?
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User Info: JC_Phoenix

5 years ago#2
non= more xp, also they might show up again later
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User Info: TazmanianD

5 years ago#3

Yeah, non-lethal is far more beneficial for gaining experience points. Also, if you want to go hardcore and try for the Pacifist achievement then you should start over because killing the guys in the prologue counts against you.

User Info: tseifer10

5 years ago#4
Cool, I don't really care about the achievement I suppose. So there's no downside to choosing lethal weapons but still do nonlethal takedowns? (Which is what I've done so far except with the prologue and Zeke.)-
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User Info: red255

5 years ago#5
...the lethal/non-lethal just changes your choice of starting gun.
He offers you a Revovler, assault rifle, tranq rifle and stun prod.

The Tranq gun is best for the starting mission of your options.

Non-lethal is quieter and yields a bonus 20 points for a takedown, so its easier to get the smooth operator and ghost bonuses.

The Q button takedown (double takedown really) yields 50 points for a single takedown, ot 125 for a double take down, Non-lethal.

you can of course shoot them in the head afterwards so theres no chance of them getting back up, after points have been awarded.

Otherwise if a enemy finds a KO'd body they can revive him.

This can also work to your favor if you have the tranq gun and they KO someone, and then you Tranq the next guy when he's going to revive the guy on the ground, done right you can clear a room that way.

But going thru the game at a certain point, typically after the first boss I guess. you have enough Upgrades and just start killing people if you want to save time.

The 10 MM pistol kills grunts relatively well, and the Heavy rifle takes down Larger offerings, with grenades for other things. Bosses really.

but skill point wise, non-lethal takedowns with the Q button, 50 points, or the tranq rifle headshot (40 points)

gives alot more XP than headshots with a lethal takedown gun. (20) or just body shots (10)
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User Info: cwjakesteel

5 years ago#6
red, I'm pretty sure it also affects the type of ammunition and pick-ups you find lying around. I know this was the case in The Missing Link. But I've never tried it in the mainstream game.
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