stealth aug build

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User Info: ur_highking

5 years ago#1
what are the best combination for a stealth aug that doesnt kill at all and avoids all conflict/fighting

give all possible upgrades that this game will allow u to upgrade.

User Info: Phaild

5 years ago#2
-Hacking Capture lvl 3 or higher (If you don't have Automatic Unlocking Devices)

-Move/Throw Heavy Objects

-Icarus Landing System

-Jump Enhancement

-Punch Through Wall

-Multiple Take-Down

-Glass-Shield Cloaking System

Those are the most useful ones. I also recommend picking Aim Stabilizer Lvl 2 for sniping with Tranquilizer Rifle and Typhoon Explosive System for boss battles.

Besides these augments, you are free to spend your points however you like. You'll probably need Carrying Capacity augments at some point as well.

Note, the game can be beaten non-lethally without using augments at all, they just make it a lot easier.
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User Info: tcchip82

5 years ago#3
On top of that, you'll definitely want the faster battery recharge so you can cloak and take down more often. You may also want an extra battery slot so you can cloak for longer duration and still have the energy for a takedown, but you shouldn't need more than 3 since you're very dependent on energy packs.

If you're trying to avoid combat almost entirely, then you may want the mark and track option (just one level will do) and drop the double takedown instead. Always keep a stun gun with you in case you absolutely need to down someone.from up close. Plus you can use it while cloaked.

If you're going the stealth route, it's useful to have a rebreather and the augmentation that makes you immune to electricity and EMP so you can take alternate paths, which sometimes lead to dangerous environs.

Stockpile EMP and gas grenades with you as well. For gas, you can save space by turning them into mines. Make a few EMP mines too, but be sure to have at least a couple of grenades handy in case you need to wipe out a camera.

User Info: joefitts63

5 years ago#4
Most of the "stealth" augs, such as silent running, are utterly worthless. If they can't see you, who cares if they hear you? You are gone before it matters in the least.
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User Info: tcchip82

5 years ago#5
Yeah, silent running and seeing through walls are worthless. Even the stealth augmentation is kinda useless but for Mark & Track, which you don't need more than one level of as you'll rarely have to sneak past more than 3 guys at once.

User Info: Mr_Sociopath

5 years ago#6
I found smart vision useful. It's much easier to spatially place guard around you if you can actually see them rather than relying your radar. That being said, I would prioritize it lower than other augs, and it's definitely not necessary, especially since quick save exists.
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User Info: ur_highking

5 years ago#7
well the 1st play through I did I didn't do a stealthy aug, I pretty much tried out punching through walls, taking less damage, seeing though walls, hacking, extra columns for weapons, and being able to jump 9 ft in the air lol

the 2nd play through which I'm on now I am doing a stealthy play through, I even have threads on PC & Xbox boards asking for best augmentations for a stealthy character build.

but even with doing all of that buying all prixis kits from LIMB clinics from china area and from Detroit area I'm barely got anything upgraded in the morning I will updated all my augmentations on here so you can see what I've unlocked and upgraded.

for main part this is what i have that i remember off hand:

cloaking [for 7 seconds per cell]
2 cells + 2 cell regen
hacking take over up to lvl 4 or 5 + turrents
stealth hacking [45% undetected]
icarus landing system
typhoon ammo system [upgraded so it kills anything]

but for the others I will have to look at but so far thats what I have unlocked for my stealth character

User Info: NoobzorLoLoLoL

5 years ago#8
Remember, guys, he's not looking for the archetypical stealth build, but a no fighting build. Cloak, yes; double-takedown, no. Even battery recharge becomes questionable, as its main purpose for most stealth characters is refilling the bar quickly enough to do a takedown before the guy patrols off or turns around to spot his downed buddy, but it's definitely still worth it for convenience.

Most of the difficulty of a stealth takedown build revolves around engineering situations where you can pick off guards individually. He's not looking to do that. He's just going to run past them. In which case, there aren't all that many augmentations that will really be all that helpful. Cloak and its upgrades, for sure. Hacking, definitely. High jump and sprint speed are surprisingly useful, as they will often help you get to and over cover faster than you could otherwise, making for a great way to squeeze a bit more distance out of each single-cell cloak. CASIE, probably. Typhoon for bosses if you want. One extra battery cell will help give you enough cloak time to hack more complex things before your cloak runs out, but otherwise, I can't think of much. Hold onto any extra points and spend them when you find a situation you think you need something for.

Having done a minimal combat run, I can safely say you'll be surprised at how easy it usually is. You can pretty much just run past most enemies, crouching when you get within earshot. You'll quickly learn exactly how far cloak will let you move on one cell, and you'll use that to move from safe spot to safe spot with ease.

The real challenge comes from two things. First, you're gonna miss out on a LOT of XP. Not only from skipping enemies, but from skipping a lot of hackable computers and such that are in rooms full of enemies. The other big problem will come from the few instances where there's a door you just gotta hack, but enemies are near it. In those cases, throwing objects can help, and sometimes you'll be able to covertly stack a few things to break their LoS to the panel or computer, but sometimes you'll just need to scarf down an energy pack and cloak/nuke virus your way through as quickly as possible.

Oh, and if you're going to use a walkthrough or just know where the breakable walls are, skip wall-breaking. Its main advantage is highlighting the breakable walls when you're close - if you know where they are, no need for it. Use a silenced weapon and just shoot through. Not like you'll be using the ammo for much else.
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User Info: tcchip82

5 years ago#9
I find having a fast battery recharge and extended sprint duration invaluable for stealth. With level 3 cloak and level 3 sprint duration, you can usually run out of line of sight even if someone hears your footsteps. The improved sprint speed doesn't seem to be as huge a boost than the duration upgrade.

The problem with a pure stealth, no takedown build is that you're also unable to do some of the side quests unless you're willing to at least knock them out.

User Info: NoobzorLoLoLoL

5 years ago#10
tcchip82 posted...
I find having a fast battery recharge and extended sprint duration invaluable for stealth. With level 3 cloak and level 3 sprint duration, you can usually run out of line of sight even if someone hears your footsteps. The improved sprint speed doesn't seem to be as huge a boost than the duration upgrade.

As I noted, battery recharge certainly is useful, but usually as a convenience. Usually you can find safe spots where you can rest for a virtually unlimited amounts of time, which means that you may want to postpone getting this until after you have gotten whatever you want in terms of augmentations that actually let you move further while cloaked. Still worth it, but a far lower priority than for takedown builds.

The issue I found with sprint duration is that you rarely have the need or, indeed, the necessary energy to sprint so far while cloaked as to take full advantage of it. It certainly still does the job, but the real choice here isn't between sprint speed and sprint duration, as much as it is between high jump and sprint duration. Jump is the pre-requisite for speed.

I find jump to be extremely useful for getting out of sight quickly, but that's me - not everyone will find the same utility in it. If you're going to get jump regardless, then sprint speed is just one praxis point more to pick up, while investing in sprint duration requires a full three praxis points just for that one ability, or two if you're not getting the upgrade. It's going to be a judgement call, but I think sprint duration is overkill for the distance you'll typically be moving, while speed makes just enough of a difference for one third or half the praxis points, assuming you want jump as well. Of course, if you have the XP you can make use of both, but as XP is so tight on a no-fighting run this likely won't be possible until late in the game.

And, of course, if you couldn't care less about jump, then duration is actually the better buy.
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