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User Info: alien025

9 years ago#1
Just bought it, but there are no "paper" manual and only got a "Cd" manual with 2 pdf files, can't find the Cd-key anywhere in the money ends up giving gamers (and sega) more problems!!!

User Info: Jadaco

9 years ago#2
just got the game 20 mins ago

User Info: chandlerr_360

9 years ago#3
I don't know about you guys, but I bought the game from Gamestop today and the CD key was attached to the inside of the case in plain sight. It came with a manual for both games too.

User Info: alien025

9 years ago#4
Finally got answers from Sega after 2 days of wait. They gave me a new Cd key, seems the problem is only in Canada.

User Info: Jadaco

9 years ago#5

lucky you got it in 2 days

i got a cd key in a week after returning the game...

the problem is particularly in future shop wich is im sure mostly or only in canada

if your patient you'll get a cd key

User Info: alien025

9 years ago#6
Well, felt sorry for you...

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