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User Info: Vertanius

6 years ago#1
Once you actually get to heavy armor surcoats for heavy armor stop being sold, buy a few ones while you still have them in the shop.

I finally reached heavy armor and I can't any surcoats anymore.

User Info: Vertanius

6 years ago#2
Okay, once you reach level 20ish the heavy surcoats stop being sold, the robe ones though are still sold.

User Info: HienLai

6 years ago#3
If you can't find them being sold you're going to have to rely on chest loot, there are plenty of chests in the game.

User Info: Vertanius

6 years ago#4
They stop spawning both in shops and in chests once you get past a certain level.

I had to lower my level to 10 via cheats to get them to spawn in shops, buy one, raise my level again.

User Info: giocare

6 years ago#5
I got one as a quest reward around level 25, there's a quest from the New Ashos billboard where you have to kill groups of beavers.

User Info: dynastyhan

6 years ago#6
So far I could only see one surcoat that let me wear it with my heavy armors.

I found it on the noob island where my orcs rescue team lives. I ran around after I got to level 15 and saw harder mobs there. They drop good stuff and even got a few side quests while exploring the remaining of the island. One of the chest they had on that island contained the item level 10 surcoat that I can wear with my knight armor set and it can be upgraded.

The rest of the surcoats I encountered in the game so far are only designed for robes.

User Info: AmZD

6 years ago#7
Yeah, this is certainly something that MUST be fixed in a future patch. It is similar with me trying to find certain skills books that don't seem to be anywhere.

User Info: HienLai

6 years ago#8
I found every single skill book in the game besides Fire Strike and Battle Cry (both melee) from dungeons and chests with static items from the prologue and first chapter. I did see Fire Strike being sold by a vendor in the 2nd chapter.

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