Heavy Armour Capes

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User Info: Reptlle

7 years ago#1
Anyone know a specific shop to buy the capes that you can only wear with heavy armour?

I found a bunch early on in the game and remember seeing quite a few in shops and so forth, but at the time I didn't have heavy armour so I couldn't use them. Now I have heavy armour, but can't find any capes anywhere. There are a bunch of ones for mages for sale, but can't even remember when I last saw one for heavy armour. They just seem to have dried up.

User Info: Glenn_Urban

7 years ago#2
I think I remember one of the traders at the Brotherhood selling capes.
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User Info: Sisain

7 years ago#3
(Mentioned in another thread) Once you reach level 20 Heavy Armor Surcoats are no longer sold in shops. You hafta find them. You can cheat to lower your level and they will come back and then just raise your level back up to original. But yah their gone :P
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