What is the max level?

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User Info: veach78

7 years ago#1
Topic. Thanks in advance.

User Info: iIIuminati

7 years ago#2
I don't know but I'm at level 41 now and I have a sword in my inventory that has a requirement of level 46.

We watch. And we are always there.

User Info: Micell

7 years ago#3
Nice! And I though I was near the cap.
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7 years ago#4
ive seen pple that lvl 86 runnin around lol they must have done some serious grinding....

User Info: die3

7 years ago#5

I just finished the game, and I'm level 40. I must say I feel quite overpowered at the moment ;)
I just hulk smash everything in the ground ;P

User Info: iIIuminati

7 years ago#6
Yeah, I'm at level 42 right now and Varns pop around my melee character.
Every once in awhile I'll run into a Varn camp that I haven't seen before and I'll wipe them out without any effort.
It feels like that bit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail when John Cleese storms the castle, killing all the guard and dinner guests before anyone knows whats going on.

We watch. And we are always there.

User Info: gflegui

7 years ago#7

I don't think there is a cap...

if you use cheats to add XP you can pretty much rise your lvl to the incredible figures. I stop in 356... it was useless continue trying that.

User Info: Dustin1280

7 years ago#8
The cap is somewhere in the 10 thousands....

Items cap at 46 though...
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User Info: AmZD

7 years ago#9
Playing multiplayer and trying to find an balanced Duel match is next to impossible because this guys are at 80+ around there, ridiculous to say the least. How much grinding can one person do?
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