melee/range vs magic. Which is more fun?

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User Info: DrDuckman

7 years ago#1
So I just got the game, and I am wondering which path is the most fun? In CRPGs I usually go as some sort of melee/magic hybrid, occationaly with a bow for pulling.

However, as I understand it I actually have to have a staff equiped to cast magic in this one, which makes melee/magic pretty difficult. So which of the two paths is actually more fun? Melee with a bit of bow action, or pure mage?

User Info: mrfatso

7 years ago#2
i was wondering the same thing, so far, being a mage seems awesome what with the choice of creating you.

Still, being an archer could be awesome since multishot seems fun of win.

But, on the other hand, it feels like sooner or later, melee might be a great thing.

So, anyone who has played pretty far into the game, do u guys have an answer?

User Info: cuteselene

7 years ago#3
Ranger is the best character in my opinion!!

User Info: mrfatso

7 years ago#4
either way, i am just going to go with ranger and mage and see how that turns out, still, i am pretty early into the game and i wonder, is it possible to combine magic and archery and say, me shooting a fire/ice/thunder arrow?

User Info: khornedeadra

7 years ago#5

I personally perfer magic. I'm good at both melee(because of how much damage my archmage level staffs do) and magic. I'm basically untouchable if I summon a bunch of level 3 scorpions to use as shields and then just blast anything with a barrage of fireballs.


7 years ago#6
its down to prefence, ranger 1st closly followed by melee then mage

mage will be fun after they fix few things up big 1 bein mana regen as i do not want to use exploits or cheap ways steamrolling things.

my melee guy can literaly send monsters flying this is in multy have you ever seen a vidon falling from the sky lol or dead enemies flying and spinning it makes me lough when happens XD.

User Info: Irkie500

7 years ago#7
I started with a fire mage and it was pretty tough in multiplayer doing the missions solo. Your spells wont be very strong at first and the power up cards can get pretty expensive. I then created a dual wielder and I have to say its a blast. Ill be taking the money earned on him to really make my mage shine as the DEMONS system is amazing to experiment with. Still have yet to try out ranger though.

User Info: mrfatso

7 years ago#8
well, i got my first fire arrow spell, so that makes me think, i am just gonna stick with being an archer and a warrior instead, after all, i dont really need any fancy spells to rule the world, just a fire arrow or 2 to weaken them while luring them into a false sense of security and bam, here's mr sword :)

Probably will try out mage on a 2nd run(still at the prologue and clearing gams) :)

User Info: red_ice9

7 years ago#9
You can combine magic with either bows or melee but I'd prefer to put my stat points for more mana for more spells. Ranger's pretty strong but gets old fast, specially when you're killing enemies, even bosses, with a single shot, not to mention multibow's full blast. I started using melee weapons on my ranger, relying on crystals to for strength boosts, about less than mid way in the game.

So either a pure mage to have everything magic can offer or a mix of range and melee as you get to have fun with both on a single character without being too weak or too strong.
Perfection is an illusion; Aberrations are discoveries.

User Info: Norwegicus

7 years ago#10

When does the mage get fun? So far the one i have tried i got 2 spells. One close AoE and one bolt spell. :p

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