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User Info: quikstrike98

6 years ago#1

I found an ealier discussion of this, but the thread had been locked...On the command toolbar at the bottom, the first 3 slots are reserved for warrior skills. I only have one of the three already put into those slots. But my skill "Dirty Trick" is not in any of those slots. How do I map combat skills onto the toolbar? I see easily enough how to map items to the toolbar, but there are a whole mess of combat skills that don't seem to have any intuitive way of being mapped to the toolbar.

User Info: GeorgeKI

6 years ago#2
Dirty Trick isn't necessarilly an ability you can place on the slots. It just enables you to kick dirt in an opponents face, mostly if a weapon is not equipped.

User Info: Doombringer55

6 years ago#3
Some are available only if you block.

They've set up the skills in such a way that there's really no need to map more of them, since there aren't more than 4-5 per weapon type. Dirty trick only works with 1-handed weapons, and if I recall, requires the left hand to be empty.

Point is, I've never had anything to complain about.

Oh, and polearms are definitely the way to go.
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