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User Info: plaintomato

6 years ago#1
I went with a Fire & Earth Mage.

One problem that presents itself with the Mage path is the many many areas you have to spend your skill points. Focusing on only one Element will leave you weak to enemies resistant to that element (not that you can't beat them anyway), so you have to branch out - but if you branch out to much you will end up a dead jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none. With planning you can be a powerhouse specializing in two elements.

I've chosen Earth & Fire because I enjoy the effects they offer and the only enemies that have resistances to both are the scorpions (and Guardians, but they are resistant to everything). Fire damage is the single category that has the fewest overall resistant enemies, but enemies late in the game have more frequent fire resistance so you could run into more trouble there (granted, you should be a powerhouse by then). Earth is one of only two schools of magic (Earth and Necromancy) that offers two types of damage (well, I guess you can squeeze some spectral damage out of the Water school) because it produces physical damage, which is divided into two types: Bludgeoning and Slashing. Slashing is effective on most of those high level enemies that are resistant to Fire. And, if you consider only enemies that are resistant to BOTH Bludgeoning and Slashing then Earth actually beats out Fire for the School of Magic with the fewest resistant enemies. Additionally, Fire is available and effective from the beginning, which is helpful since it can take awhile to unlock Earth and Necromancy magic and get the necessary cards.

I point out that it takes a while to get both Earth and Necromancy because an Earth/Necromancy combo is another good option because it is the only two-school combo for which there are no enemies resistant to all of your damage types (Bludgeoning, Slashing, Spectral, and Poison since both Earth and Necro offer two types of damage)...Except of course the Guardians that are resistant to everything. This means you have to play through most of the first chapter without upgrading your skills or being able to use multiple magic cards. So, the beginning of the game would be relatively difficult for an aspiring Earth/Necro mage. Anyway, the Earth/Fire combo offers cool options and combos that I won't go into here, I enjoy the fire effects (Meteor Shower, Fire's Temporal Void w/ Earth's Stone Shower, Super Jump), Earth magic is just plain effective, and for most of the cool effects from other schools you really only need one skill point in that school (Invisibility, Water Walking, Tornado Shield).

User Info: plaintomato

6 years ago#2
For a mage, the best tactics come down to your spell list. I use...

INVISIBILITY; I always get the first strike in when I'm dungeon crawling.

3 SPIDER SUMMON; It only takeS one skill point in an element to summon since the level of the creature is increased by carrier cards and the number of them you can summon is modified by the summon skill, so you aren't restricted to your specialties here. The Spiders are wide so three of them will block enemies from getting to you better than humanoids, and they are low to the ground so you can jump over them if they are blocking you (unlike the wide and tall stone golemns).

HOMING/RICOCHET STONE OR IVY MULTI MISSILE; By switching between Stone or Ivy you are staying in the same school and switching between bludgeoning or slashing damage - very few enemies have resistance to both. Three missiles fly out, each doing massive damage. If they miss, or when the hit, they bounce off straight at any other nearby enemies, multiple times if you have multiple ricochet modifiers. This is the go to massive elemental damage spell.

HOMING BLINDING STONE RAIN; First tier is a homing fire missile with no modifier. This blinds the eneymy, freezing them in place, so when the stones fall from the sky they just stand there and get pelted.

TEMPORAL VOID or HURRICANE SHIELD; This picks up all of the stones that just fell from the sky and, with the Temporal Void it smashes them all into the target, crushing them with massive fire damage, or, with the Hurricane Shield (only takes one Air card) it turns you into a swirling wall of rock (cool, but not as useful as Temporal Void, especially if you have a wall of spiders protecting you anyway).

NIGHT LIGHT; One fire card with a time modifier is all you need and then you don't have to lower your staff to carry a torch in dark tombs. You can't be invisible, but you can't be invisible with a torch either.

HOMING BLINDING FIRE MISSILE: This is to fry a single enemy without ever getting attacked. No unneccesary modifiers and such keep casting time low. The first tier blinds them, freezing them in place, the second tier has maximum fire damage from any fire card. You just keep the target blinded and burning until they are dead. Nothing stands a chance. I use the Stone or Ivy missile above for multiple enemies and this blinding missile to focus on one at a time.

I also use Water Walking (again it only takes one element card so you don't have to specialize in water) and have a Mage that I branched out into a Battle Mage that uses Eye for an Eye a lot. I haven't been able to figure out how to get a good Super Jump going, but that will definitely be in my set if I ever get it working right. The magic system in this game is flippin' awesome.

I haven't gotten into Alchemy yet - I'm saving that for when I'm desperate to earn an extra skill point; right now I'm still have more than I need from side-questing and killing everything I see since I'm always on foot. I never use a horse; a pain to keep track of, if I've been there already I can just teleport nearby, and if I haven't been there yet I want to explore and get skill points for "beast slaying" on the way.

User Info: Mountaindewman

6 years ago#3
I personally go will full on range.

I max out Fire Arrow, Multi Arrow, Quick Draw and Overdraw and Starting Draw is all on preference as well is the rest of the range skills since criticals are nice. I put about 4+ points into health regen at least and some into the resistances.

What I normally do is shot a distraction arrow past the guys or near them. They all swarm than a I hit a fire arrow than I start shooting them one by one until they are dead. Making sure I try to overdraw near all the way and let guy this way I can get maybe 190% draw to 200%(don't want to wait to long at 200% since you lose DPS). Once they come at me my Fire Arrow is normally ready again so I let them have it again. I than do Distraction Arrow and if any don't fall for it I do Multi Arrow if the close to mid range. If there is one guy left I normally let him get close and do Multi Arrow up close since 11 arrows(assuming they all hit) at 75% damage is what 825% damage plus the fact that if I did 200% draw that is 1650% damage. I do use poison and Ice just not that often since I haven't really tried them out after leveling them up.
XBOX-360 Tag: MountaindewM, RSN: MountaindewM

User Info: SamuariLegend24

6 years ago#4
i like to rock the dual swords or a hammer/axe and shield if im not shooting my bow. i would use a lance or other kind of polearm but its just way to easy. my enemies never block my polearm attacks so i instantly took my first polearm off and honsestly havent looked back. once you get used to the combat you will do fine no matter the weapon your using, just watch out for the enemies protections. also how can you tell if you have sucessfuly blacked with a sheild i know theres no animation, and also how can you tell which shields better? they all do bludgeon dmg, is it the angle? thanks
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User Info: azyric041689

6 years ago#5
Lvl 35 Human Battlemage

Health: 4990
Mana: 5352
Endurance: 49+10
Strength: 50+2
Accuracy: 4-1
Wisdom: 49+13

Weapon 1 damage: 718 Slashing + 35 Fire
Weapon 2 Damage: 1101 Bludgeon

Staff: 43 Bludgeon + 654 Poison


1. Healing Aura- Heals 600 health in a 4 meter range.
2. Damage Aura- Increases physical damage by 30% for 47.4 seconds in a 7 meter range.
3. Defense Aura- Increases physical defense by 55% for 87 seconds.
4. Invisibility- Lasts 49 seconds.
5. Water Walking- Lasts 31.5 seconds.

User Info: FiSTfromHell

6 years ago#6

If you are rocking a heavy hitter class, use hammers, maces and axes, put points in all of the Warrior Skills and the class specific crafting skills, like Metallurgy, Weapon Forging, and Armor Reinforcement. Don't forget to also spend points early on on resistances and Resilience. By Level 25-30 you will be an unstoppable melee fighter that will have devastating weapons, nearly impenetrable armor, and a range of skills to continually keep enemie of balance, stunned, or running away. The bigger enemies will be defenseless against your barrages of hits, and fall in seconds. I also have a basic staff and some spells for smart dungeon crawling and scouting. I use Invisibility for first strikes and Death Strikes when able. A Raise Dead spell to support me when I am vastly outnumbered (more as diversions). I have cure poison and regenerative health spells also. Lock Picking also comes in handy, but I find the minigame simple.

User Info: idlehands88

6 years ago#7
Exiled Mage
Lvl 37 Female Dark Elf, Water Mage

Health: 4807
Mana: 79832
Endurance: 14+40
Strength: 4
Accuracy: 4
Wisdom: 142+722

Staff: 82 Bludgeon Dmg, 820 Cold Dmg


1. Missile: 11930 Shock Dmg
Enchant: 9965 Fire Dmg

2. Missile: Heals 1000 HP
Enchant: 12168 Frost Dmg

3. Trap: 2743 Shock Dmg
Missile: 11930 Frost Dmg
Enchant: Throws stone with 30 force
FFXIV Character - Exiled One (Karnak)

User Info: lemaster666

6 years ago#8
One problem that presents itself with the Mage path is the many many areas you have to spend your skill points. Focusing on only one Element will leave you weak to enemies resistant to that element (not that you can't beat them anyway), so you have to branch out - but if you branch out to much you will end up a dead jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none. With planning you can be a powerhouse specializing in two elements.

This is not entirely true. Putting points in the elements only raises the number of cards of that element you can use. Do you use any spells there use more the 3 or 4 cards of one element in a spell? Most of the damage from spells comes from your willpower. Putting points in skills that raise number of carrier and modifier cards is where the money is.
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User Info: plaintomato

6 years ago#9
ACTUALLY...Using multiple element cards with a damage missile greatly increases the damage from a single hit. The element card may change different parts of other types of spells, but with the elemental attacks the damage is all about the number of element cards.

You'll notice you can't stack the damage modifier cards like you can with say the time cards. So to boost the damage you stack element cards. There is a world of difference between the damage done by a fire missile with nine stacked fire element cards and a one with only three - no matter what your manna is. In fact, the higher your willpower (and by extension the more manna you have) the bigger the difference.

And a spell with a whole bunch of element power is cheaper manna-wise than a spell with only a few element cards and a bunch of modifiers. Try a homing spray with a bunch of ricochets if you want to drain your manna in one shot.
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