Strong Spell combinations

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User Info: iLXeNk

6 years ago#1
I was curious what people's strongest spell combos are.
I don't have anything maxed out so I'm not getting the full damage potential on the spells but...

Row 1
Damage x1
Homing x1
Richochete x2
Spray x3
Ice x6
Missile Carrier
Row 2
Damage x1
Fire x7
Enchant x6
Spell Cost: 2032
Missile: 1712 Frost Damage
Enchant: 2496 Fire Damage

It doesn't work so well against a single enemy but against groups of 2 or more it will generally obliterate them.
I have 190 Willpower (bonuses from gear & gems) and Level 5 Battle Clarity to reduce mana cost.

Also I'd love to know if anyone has been successful in making a 3-tiered spell or using the Alter Carrier (don't seem to have a card that fits with it).

User Info: Leqesai

6 years ago#2
I can't remember the exact combo I am using, but it is gamebreakingly powerful.

Something like:

Row 1:
Fully maxed damage frost missle with 3x spray and homing
Row 2:
Fully maxed damage bludgeon damage missle with 1x richochet 2x spray and homing
Row 3:
AOE Lightning fully maxed for damage, time, AOE etc.

Comes to about 2200 magic cost with 2000+ frost damage 2000+ bludgeon damage and 900/s lightning damage to a huge area.

The trick to getting missile on the first AND second row is to use a trap card place holder. After you put down AOE in the third spot you can go back and change the trap to a missile.

Easily the best damaging combo I can think of. Swap frost for fire, or lightning with fire, to decimate the undead in the marshlands.

User Info: dcastro91

6 years ago#3
whenever i try to use trap cards as placeholders and i switch the first row to missile it clears the 2nd and 3rd rule
PSN - Dcast_SD
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