Two Worlds 2 actual gameplay footage!

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User Info: shatterstar

7 years ago#1

This is "LIVE" presentation of the first part of TW2 and also the combat system aswell. If you ask me, I think the game looks and playsawful and I sure hope this demo is of the alpha version.

The animation and the combat looks like a really bad old school hack & slasher game like Golden Axe or something. My hopes for this game went down the drain fast after seeing this crap!




User Info: roc_420247

7 years ago#2
looked good to me. can't wait for this game!

User Info: RatchetE

7 years ago#3
the fighting animations looked really lame but as long as the game-world is big and there's plenty of stuff to do, I will be happy.
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User Info: RatchetE

7 years ago#4
thanx for sharing by the way. (when the hell will GFQ's give us an edit button?!)
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User Info: CircusPeanuts21

7 years ago#5
A post in the comments section of part 3 suggests this is indeed an alpha version from at least a half year ago. Doesn't guarantee the future builds will be much better, but it does offer some hope. A lot of potential in this game, so I hope they get that combat under control.

User Info: kings574

7 years ago#6

I think its look fine.
Look at the short off screen gameplay which is much clearer that looks great as well interms of Graphics.

Previews have said that.

Dont know how you can say it looks and plays awful from Grainy Footage.

And this isn't a Build from Half a Year Ago, its most likely a recent build.

Combat can be much faster not that slow funny how people are so quick to judge...

User Info: Vic-Ferrari

7 years ago#7
LOL @ Video 2

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User Info: rep_HC

7 years ago#8
as long as the combat is better then the first, where u could swing, backstep, repeat, each enemy, I'll be happy. Not the thing I play these types of games for, but at least its not turn-based. Just do not like turn -based.
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User Info: Socrato

7 years ago#9
Looks pretty good. Especially if they've tweaked the combat since then.
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User Info: ironcreed

7 years ago#10

I honestly cannot believe what I just saw. The game looks beautiful. What's more, is look how well it seems to run as opposed to the first one. The combat looked OK to me, he moved kind of like a guy in a suit of armor would for the most part. Besides, I am sure there are plenty of moves and abilities that we are not seeing.

Everything seems to be vastly improved. The visuals are beautiful, the menu system is slick, the character customization is solid, the character models look good, it runs smoothly, ect. I think this very well may end up being the surprise of the year, myself. It may not be critically acclaimed, but it is definitely looking like a most improved sequel candidate for certain.

I know I'll be buying, based on what I just saw. Looks a hell of a lot better than something like Risen on the 360, that's for sure. I love that game as well, by the way. It is just has one of the worst cameras I have ever seen and looks awful. So far, Two Worlds II actually looks like a big budget RPG in comparison. In fact, it is probably one of my most wanted games right now after watching that.

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