thievery and Buyout quest

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User Info: J2006

6 years ago#1
Anyone have any tips for the thievery skill besides investing more points to get more time? I can't do the Buyout quest, I find thievery so frustrating, yet I can pick Master locks 9 out of 10 times without breaking one lockpick
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User Info: ocgnhiro

6 years ago#2
im currently stuck on that quest. my only suggestion is to save right before each pickpocket attempt. I successfully completed the first and then saved after. Easier than dealing with the pissed off guards.

I must say the pick pocket "mini game" is quite frustrating! the hand doesnt seem to control right and the snakes never seem to be lined up properly! i think i just got lucky the first time :(

User Info: TheXgeek

6 years ago#3
How do you even being to pickpocket? Whenever I try it just gives me the deathstrike option.
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User Info: Trey1death

6 years ago#4
Stop sneaking, it's obvious your up to no good when your sneaking so you have to just stand there like a normal pick pocket.
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User Info: J2006

6 years ago#5
ocgnhiro, I completely agree with you! It's so frustrating, it seems to be based on pure luck than skill, I can only seem to get one guard, then fail the other two, and usually get caught by the other guards. Guess I'll have to invest more skill points in thievery to get more time.

And the other poster that wondered why they couldn't start it, just stand behind someone who is standing still, if you have the skill you should see a hand icon, you can start the annoying "I Hope I'm Lucky Because Skill Doesn't Matter 'mini-game'"
"Success is when you get what you want. Happiness is when you want what you get."

User Info: J2006

6 years ago#6
^ *and don't enter Sneak mode, forgot to elaborate on that
"Success is when you get what you want. Happiness is when you want what you get."

User Info: rttn

6 years ago#7
yeah ive yet to get even 1 gaurd.i have 4 points invested into the skill and i follow the hand around with the gap in the 1st snake.and i just mash the A button over and over.ive seen it line up for like 1 second but still no luck, its some bs
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User Info: Phadin

6 years ago#8
Well, I just got this quest and got to start trying thievery. I have to say, it's a lot easier then people on this board make it seem. There is a technique to it that will help you see more success.

I noticed two things that I had to get used to in doing this. First, controlling the hand. Just pressing in a direction moves the hand to that side. Kinda sucks trying to line up right that way. Holding the stick and circling it moves the hand mroe smoothly and makes it easier to keep it in line with the hole in the snakes.

The second was of course getting the opportunity where all three snakes were lined up. It's not a matter of luck but patience and watching the right snakes. The first and third snake both circle in the same direction. Those are the two to watch. Once you have the hand lined up with the first snake, watch the third. It's gap will circle slightly faster then the first snake. Wait for the two to start lining up. Once they are close to each other, then turn your attention to the second snake. The next time the gap in the second snake matches the first, the third should also be open and that is your opportunity.
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