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User Info: lemaster666

6 years ago#1
Is there a way to transfer personal auras to the village account? I wanted to build something and I didn't have enough auras on me or in the village but I did have enough if they were combined. Problem is, the game uses either or, not both.
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User Info: c0rr0s10n

6 years ago#2
choose the village chronicle in your inventory, then press Y and it will allow you to transfer.
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User Info: Whtgoliath

6 years ago#3
If you push "B" while in Village mode it will bring up your 'Village Chronicle' (tells you how your village is doing). Next if you push the "Y" button, you can transfer Auras between yourself and the village.

As far as putting Auras inside the chest, open the chest then go to the third tab of your inventory (The first is skill, second your gear, third your potions and books) in the top left hand corner is your Auras. With the cursor on your Auras push the "Y" button to move Auras to your chest.

Hope this helps!
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User Info: lemaster666

6 years ago#4
Any particular reason I'd want to put aura's in the chest?
Friends help you move, real friends help you move bodies....

User Info: Whtgoliath

6 years ago#5
Only the first character that creates the village can access the village's money supply. So, if you're trying to transfer money from one online character to another, this might be helpful.
Putting the Fun in Funeral.

User Info: openfist

6 years ago#6
I have a question about village mode...the village leader told me to hire a financial manager. How do you do that?

User Info: Mountaindewman

6 years ago#7
There is no need to hire a financial manager. Since he said it is already done and he will take care of the village while you are out.
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User Info: 10ShotAllDay

6 years ago#8
I have a couple questions too. Has anyone found out the most efficient layout to get the most income yet? Or what buildings give you the most income? Is there any reason I should care about my villagers happiness?
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User Info: Gashi

6 years ago#9
The happiness determines the amount of money you can make.
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User Info: Kkhaine

6 years ago#10
The exact most efficient setup no. But a layout that will net you around 9-10k per tick if that is good enough for you.

3 upgraded guardhouses, 1 upgraded tavern, 1 upgraded wind mill, 6-7 shops, rest upgraded farms and ranch. Make sure the ratio of ranch and farms gets you no shortage of bread and meat.

Now to let it tick that is the real issue as you need to do nothing in your village for a while and this is boring.

So farm the chests!

A lap will net you 2-3 ticks, make sure to do the elder mission to keep moral up if it pops. Then quit and come back in the village. Rinse and repeate until bored or until you turn insane!

There bingo. Still a bit boring but hey its cash griding we are talking about here.
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