Corrupt save file, beware

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User Info: nabuch

6 years ago#1

My only save brings up a frozen screen and shuts down everything, so beware of this happenng to you. I have not been playing that long and just entered some doors I needed the scribe for. I was on top of some structure on the side of the next set of doors. I had just killed the creature with arrows there.

My reasoning is that this will happen if you are not on solid ground, or if there is too much going on on screen (many were fighting on the other side), or , since you can continue playing while it is saving, you should not even move at that time. In other words, only save when nothing else is going on and you are on the ground, and don't do what I did and turn off auto save, turn it for every 5 minutes.

User Info: gughunter

6 years ago#2
I haven't run into this problem yet but thanks for the warning. With games like this it's good to keep a whole bunch of saves!
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User Info: shooby3000

6 years ago#3
how could this possibly happen? the auto save automatically uses 3 different slots, and rotates overwriting them so that you can always back back at least 2 saves if you ever need to. i think "ur doing it rongg".

User Info: Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower
6 years ago#4
My only save...

That's asking for trouble right there, dude.

I have as many saves as will fill in the screen to avoid having to scroll through them (so I guess I have around 8 to 10, not including the autosaves). I do this for every game that allows multiple saves. And I probably save every few minutes or whenever I travel somewhere, complete a quest, buy a bunch of stuff or spend quite a bit customizing stuff. I never want to have to do it all over again in case I die or lose power (which has happened three times in the last week due to snow/ice storms!)

Always try to keep as many saves as possible and just use the timestamps on them to know which one to overwrite next.

User Info: wowkirin

6 years ago#5
my style is 2 saves plus the autosave
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User Info: thesticker

6 years ago#6
TC, this happened to me also, but I just loaded another save. Baldur's Gate said it best: "Save often, and in multiple slots..."
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User Info: trippinsands

6 years ago#7
Try cleaning out your cache.

User Info: shooby3000

6 years ago#8
if you set the auto-save for 5min intervals, it automatically creates 3 different save slots for itself. there is no need to create your own saves on top of that (except after a tough boss battle or something). the designers already thought of the problems that can occur with corrupt saves. stop whining. your game is fine.

User Info: dc3

6 years ago#9
"My only save"

Stopped reading there...
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User Info: plaintomato

6 years ago#10
Try this - it worked for me: Teleport.

I had a save inside Reema's house. I had just picked all of the advanced locks in her house so it wasn't like I had a lot of time invested since the last auto-save, but I was in no mood to pick those locks all over again. I saved after picking all the locks but one to see if I could work out a lockpicking spell for the last lock. After reloading to get my messed up magic all back in order the game would freeze upon exiting her house - my character wouldn't move and the area wouldn't fully load.

But I could still open my inventory and choose to teleport, which worked just fine.
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