Ghost's Toll

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User Info: Epacalypse

6 years ago#1
Anyone figure out how to finish Ghost's Toll after it seems to glitch after leaving the sewers before finishing the quest? Still looking for a solution to this problem. The quest has completely disappeared from the quest log. It's keeping me from finishing thieves guild quests. The ghosts are still there demanding a toll, but they won't follow me to the mirror in next room. And Scythe isn't saying anything.
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User Info: gildedgirth

6 years ago#2
If going back to Scythe doesn't work, as she'll trigger the conversation about using the mirror, then you can just try killing them.

I read that someone solved the quest that way without even knowing about the mirror. I solved it through the mirror, leading the ghosts to it, so I didn't try killing them.

But I remember trying to hit them before I figured out about the mirror, and it didn't seem to do much damage but maybe I needed to use a different kind of damage.

In the first game, the only way to hit ghost-like creatures was using Spirit damage, either via a spell or equiping your weapon with a Spirit gem. In this game, I'm not sure, since there is no Spirit damage. Maybe you need Spectral damage?

On the next island, as part of another quest, I had to kill ghosts and I just had my DeathKnights via summon spell, kill them. Not sure what kind of damage the DeathKnights do, but they do have damage enhancements on their weapons as the weapons have particle effects on them. I didn't try swinging at the ghosts with my sword.

User Info: Reipard

6 years ago#3
If you've already talked to Scythe about the mirror, you have to first walk up to the mirror itself and the game will say something like you've found the mirror. Then you can talk to the ghosts and they'll follow you. If you don't technically discover the mirror first, they'll just ask for the toll forever.

User Info: Turambar304

6 years ago#4
Yeah my quest totally screwed up last night. I got the quest, talked to the ghosts, walked to the mirror, then tried going to where it pointed on my map, and the door there was locked and wouldn't unlock for nothing. So I try going back to he sewer and as soon as I walked up to the ghosts, the quest disappeared from my log, and nothing.... So Idk.
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