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6 years ago#1

I'm currently on the quest where I can either help Reesa kill Mirage's right hand man, or refuse to help her and get 30000 Auras. Is there any prize/reason to help Reesa here? Does she appear later in the game at any point/offer more quests (no spoilers)? I have about 50000-55000 Auras now so I'm not exactly short on money.

User Info: Deftallica

6 years ago#2
If you help her, you'll get a nice cut scene and be able to safely loot everything in her home.

Also, it's considered the "moral" route for that questline.

As for whether she reappears or not, I don't know... I just arrived at the second island.
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User Info: wbyknox

6 years ago#3

Reesa's cut scene is pretty good though nothing to get all hot and bothered over. If you are broke and need the money, betray her. If not the loot is okay in her room, probably the same stuff you are already seeing for your level. Reesa however doesn't make another appearance in the game nor do you hear anything else about her.

User Info: RealLex

6 years ago#4
You can loot most stuff in her room anyway. No need to kill her for it.
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