air psi problem

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User Info: rubentje1991

9 years ago#1


I like Hard Truck 18 wheels of steel Long Haul,

but I've a problem while I'm driving.

Maybe it's something stupid, but when I'm driving, there's at once an

air psi error (red signal in the left bottom of screen), by which my truck

doesn't drive normally anymore. (First I see the air psi metre descending)

And finally, my truck stops and I can't do anything anymore: the motor works perfect,

but the brakes do the much they can without my permission.

Sometimes I can drive a little bit in the first gear, while it jumps to the second

gear and back to the first gear.

I've tried to upgrade my truck with all the possible upgrades (motor, gear-box, ...)

but it hasn't any result.

Is there someone who can help me; I would appreciate it really, because like this,

the game isn't very funny...


User Info: rubentje1991

9 years ago#2


the problem is solved

my steering wheel caused it, i don't know why,

but when i used the keyboard, it worked properly.

So i'm playing the game now, and it's very funny

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