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User Info: Atomicfireball

9 years ago#1
When i click on CoDWaW.exe, it gives me this error:

Error During Initialization: Couldn't load fileSysCheck.cfg. Make sure Call of Duty is run from the correct folder.

And yes, it is in the correct folder.

So what should i do? I updated to 1.1 and it still wouldnt work.

User Info: XclusiveBander

9 years ago#2
Same problem for me
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User Info: unbornchaos

9 years ago#3
Have u guys tried reinstalling the game,crack,get latest drivers,install latest direct x, or even meet the minimum requirement... had no problem playing with my lousy com

User Info: DarthBadger

9 years ago#4
Be honest, did you pirate the game? If you did, shame on you...and it's an easy fix, just do some research. But I'm not accusing you of anything, try to reinstall and if you still have problems with you legit game then go to the activision forums for help.
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