Ray Gun Easter Egg on Little Resistance

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User Info: Dragon_422

9 years ago#1
Sorry, from the Xbox 360 board, and I was wondering if you already knew about this Easter Egg.

Start up the Little Resistance level (2nd Level), and after the boat crashes, call the Air Strike on the location it specifies. Run up to the beach, and head towards the right. Once you reach the right side of the beach, you should find a small puddle. Stand in it for a second or two. Now start heading towards the middle of the beach. You should find another puddle (though smaller), and stand in that one too. Now head towards the far left side of the beach, and stand in the puddle over there in the barb wire, while looking towards the mainland (the trees and everything ahead of you, opposite the ocean). After about 5-10 seconds, the screen will begin shaking, and weird voices will begin playing (similar to the voice in Shadow of the Colussus), and four lion statues will rise out of the ground with Ray Guns in their mouths.

Also, I'm sure you can already get the Ray Gun anyways, with the console commands, but this is a cool Easter Egg anyways.
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User Info: sikmoe121

9 years ago#2
bump and thanks to pika for this.

Had my doubts but he owned everyone in the topic later on. lets hope he finds the rest.
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User Info: Deadring3

9 years ago#3
Don't know if it works on PC, because it doesn't show up with the "give all" command.

I'll give it a go later on.
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User Info: BrennLMG

9 years ago#4
haha its a SIGN, the next cod is going to be futuristic.

User Info: DJKABoom

9 years ago#5
BF2142 anyone? Thats COD6 :P
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User Info: CairnisReed

9 years ago#6
Lol, COD6 better not be futuristic
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User Info: IDrinkNoobTears

9 years ago#7
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User Info: daftalive08

9 years ago#8
dose the PC even have this? (came from Xbox 360 board)
time too go ask PS3 board
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User Info: DirtyDoug

9 years ago#9
Anyone verify this, or screenshots, or anything?

I'd go check myself, but I just got out of work and I have a terrible cold so I'm going to bed in a minute.
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User Info: Narceles

9 years ago#10
I just tried it. It does indeed work. Pics coming.
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