COD World at War is ruined, Activision along with Treyarch could care less!...?

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User Info: THECcampbell23

6 years ago#1
I played w@w today with a friend... it was unplayable because of all the hackers. This is THE first COD game that I will trade in for a different game.
This is a shame, and I for one, will not stand for it. W@W is my favorite COD game and I am done putting up with this. I took pictures with my cell phone of all the people hacking as we tried to play. We didn't get ONE single game in over an hour searching.
(I am Ccampbell23 and my friend is TFLANT, everyone else in the images was hacking.)

They need to fix this asap... the sad part is, they CAN but seem to refuse to. I have always been on the companies side throughout the years, and have spent a LOT of money with them. I want a full refund for the game and the map packs! How dare you treat the consumer this way! Activision and Treyarch need to stop bowing down to these little kids who ruin the game for everyone else.... because they are afraid of losing their business... well, their parents business. I am so upset about this, that I will no longer purchase anything by these companies again! Everyone I play with has also agreed to boycott them. If this problem is not remedied quickly, I will start a massive campaign to make things very awkward for Activision. I know they could care less about me, but that is exactly their problem! Where are your spines?! You spend a lot of time and money making us all want to buy the games, then once you have out money, you just ignore our pleas and let us down over and over again. I really feel as though we are pathetic fools to you! We sit here playing your crap, making you all rich, and when we BEG for a tiny **** crumb of support, we get NOTHING! Just more of the same empty rhetoric and **** lip service. Who the hell do you think you are? It is, after all, just a damn video game... If I ran a small business that way, I would be out of business faster than Sarah Palin could screw up a historical reference.
So you know you "got us" eh? so you think we are just sheeple, that will consume whatever you put out? Unfortunately that is fairly true for the majority of consumers... which is why I am assuming that none of you (Activision, Treyarch etc) will do a damn thing about it! **** us, I suppose. "Thanks for the money suckers, now get ready to buy our next severely flawed , moderately updated, version of the same game" I suppose you think. right? Am I wrong? Did I go too far? Well prove me the **** wrong then!
Don't be THAT company... the one who screws over its loyal followers. We are the reason you have a damn multi billion dollar a year corp to begin with. How about a dose of **** respect and humility for what we do for you? Thanks for the games guys, but please stop slapping me in the god damn face after my credit card gets approved.

I love the COD series, and the companies involved in making them... I know things aren't easy, and trying to make everyone happy is difficult... not to mention the pressure you all are under trying to make your Corp. profitable and relevant to today's consumers, but we are not talking about something as difficult as all that, we are talking about stopping people from ruining your work and reputation! You would think you would WANT to make yourself not look like a **** If I were in charge over there, I would be ashamed of myself for what your letting take place with your work.
Perhaps you don't care... or perhaps you are blissfully unaware of what the MAJORITY of us are going through while trying to cope with your product. Either way, it is a travesty, and in my opinion borders on fraud! I am calling for everyone who feels as upset as I and my friends do, to DEMAND a refund for Call of Duty World at War and the Map Packs, RIGHT NOW unless something is done! FIX it or man up and compensate us for your LEMON of a game! Since its release, this game has been plagued with problems and exploits and hacks that make it almost unbearable for us to play without needless stress and frustration! While the majority of us sit here and wonder WHY no one does anything to support us. Battlefield 3 is coming out soon, and I know a LOT of folks who will be switching brands come October is nothing is done. We all WANT to buy your games. We all WANT to love the, and play them as often as possible.. we WANT to give you our hard earned money for a great product and spend years talking about it, and you, as "game changers" The only thing we can say at the moment is, you are becoming "Game wreckers" The COD franchise deserves better than this. We deserve better than this. Show us you care, even a little. Prove to us that you don't think of we are just sheeple. Give SOMETHING back to the folks that MADE you, for the love of God!
I want to play COD for years to come... overall I Love the games, as they give me and my friends a platform to interact and socialize. My friends and I have formed valuable relationships because of this series. I play with people from the USA and England. Some of which are actually flying out here in October to spend their holiday with me, and experience the US for the first time... all because of Xbox Live and Call of Duty. This is bigger than just a game. Lives are actually altered because of what you do, no matter how silly or over the top that may sound, it happens to be true. All we ask is for a tiny show of support back. Please?! I honestly would hate to stop buying and playing your games, but we will. It has gone on too long now.


User Info: X_Colbert_X

6 years ago#2


User Info: este914

6 years ago#3

User Info: WesternEyed

6 years ago#4
Didn't read all that. Impressive to glance at, though.
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User Info: Joefatty2x4

6 years ago#5
I understand your frustration dude. It sucks big time, huh? However, you said TRADE IN. You must be on a console...

User Info: cssmann

6 years ago#6

such a shame, WaW is the best COD after COD4, both overrun by hackers. activision cant get their butt off the couch cuz the game is kinda old.

User Info: ZombieMaster565

6 years ago#7
Man Cod W@W was the best game in the series, Now when I try to play, Hackers are there to bug me. They won't fix it cuz they are to busy working on the final touches for MW3. Which I pre-ordered. And I agree with you. - ZombieMaster

User Info: beastydawg

6 years ago#8
Unfortunately I can no longer play the original W at W because "mods" had infected 2 of my profiles. Of all the zombie maps that is my favorite. Those original maps led Treyarch into their multi million $ zombie business & they have allowed the infestation of those roaches, what a shame. Treyarch can fix my profiles but won't. But they will allow "mods" exploit me & others by asking for Microsoft points to fix the problem. Treyarch has no dignity or takes pride in their products. A word to the wise, buying a Treyarch product is like purchasing a used car; you're on your own dude. Not their problem.
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  3. COD World at War is ruined, Activision along with Treyarch could care less!...?

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