Shooting POWs

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User Info: Joonatanr

5 years ago#1

I played Cod 5 again last night and I got to the part in Berlin where you have the choice of shooting two unarmed germans or having them set on fire. Is it just me or was that incredibly disturbing to anybody else as well? I mean don't get me wrong I have nothing against violence in games. I had no problem with the Cod MW2 mission where you had to shoot unarmed civilians. But in the Cod 5 scene I really started to wish that friendly fire was turned on. Then I realised that there was actually a difference between these two scenes.

In the MW2 mission the players know what they're doing is evil. They're put in the shoes of someone who commits atrocities and everybody knows it. It's a powerful gaming experience and personally I admire acitivision for having the balls to do so. In the Cod 5 mission nobody cares, there's like zero controversy for this kind of stuff. I mean honestly you get to play as somebody that commits horrible war crimes and not only that but they try to justify it by saying BS like, Hey this time it's your motherland etc. In the same game the americans are betrayed by their POW's who start shooting at them. Basically what the game designers are saying is, if you follow the Geneva convention you're gonna get punished for it.

I mean seriously Activision would never make a call of duty game where you get to play as a german soldier. Even they don't have that much balls. But somehow russian war crimes are alright to display. I mean guys have you any idea what kind of things actually happened in Berlin? Shooting wounded POWs for russian soldiers wasn't an exception it was commonplace. Not to mention places like Stalingrad where they killed most of the wounded and the rest left to die in the freezing snow. And we're obviously not talking about a few wounded soldiers there were tens of thousands of them.

In Berlin of course the russians also killed unarmed child soldiers without much hesitation. In the course of the battle and the following occupation over 100 000 women were raped by the red army which led many women to suicide. Some women were immediately killed afterwards by the russian soldiers.

I mean seriously what's next, press F to rape teenage girl??? Why is it that there is a huge controversy for shooting up some stupid airport but absolutely no problems with letting a player play as a red army soldier. Again there is no way on earth that there would ever be a game that lets you play as a soldier in the Wehrmacht fighting for Hitler but somehow a soldier in Stalin's army is acceptable.

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