AimTarget_GetTagPos: Cannot find tag [j_spine4] on entity

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User Info: pumkinpatch

8 years ago#1
I was playing at the "round something" map playing war. I was a sniper and doing pretty well I might add. My team captured the center flag and we were working our way to collect the next. I see a team mate hiding so I go over and hide with him. Out of nowhere his GREEN name tag turned to RED. It now said that he was an enemy. I started shooting him with me revolver but it didn't effect him in the slightest. He didn't return fire, so I followed him to the enemy's last flag all the while still trying to destroy him. The game started to say people were being killed with the X button or R1 and went about with random buttons. Finally, the game stopped and the title of this topic is what it said. Will someone just tell me what the hell happened? Hack maybe?
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User Info: LoneWolf796

8 years ago#2
sounds like a bad rap line..........

User Info: gtaking5

8 years ago#3
Hack went wrong probably. If it was a working hack then the game wouldn't of just stopped. So either the people at NGB are getting close to cracking WaW encrypted save file or some Asian(im not being racist but Asians are usually good at stuff like this) found a way and is keeping it to him self.

Or the game just ****ed up.
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User Info: LuneyToonz

8 years ago#4
I can confirm this happening. It happened to me about a month ago in a large scale game too, (Domination or HQ's, can't remember which) but same experience exactly. Made me mad cause I got the Colateral Sniping challenge, and then it didn't count afterwards. =/ I can't get it again now. D=
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