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User Info: blacksabbath51

6 years ago#1
So I've been playing the older MW games since I'm getting fairly bored with BLops. After getting into 3 hacked lobbies in MW2 (thankfully didn't lose any rank or unlocks), I decided to switch it up and put in WaW.
First game, TMD on Airfield. there's a guy on the other team just racking up headshots, I get headshotted a couple times, finally look at the killcam and the guy is evidentally using a wallhack with aimbot. Is hacking as big a problem in this game as MW2??

User Info: KnightRay_X

6 years ago#2
To answer your question: No

Hacking isn't a big problem in WAW, at least not anymore.

There may be a few hackers online, but its very rare that you run into them (I've been playing this game alot since like September of last year and only ran into two hacked games.) The first game didnt mess with my stats, but unfortunately the second game automatically unlocked some trophies for me and made me Lvl. 65 10th Prestige.
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User Info: soneric84

6 years ago#3
My file just got modded the same way last night by someone (I have their gamertag). Is there any way to fix this or is my game ruined?

User Info: 56K

6 years ago#4
You'll find them maybe one in four games, at least that's how often i'm finding these hackers lately. There is a hacker in every game but only some of them have the wall hack/headshot/god mode combo
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User Info: TheArcade

6 years ago#5
Yikes... didn't know COD: WaW got hacked.

User Info: Inkonk

6 years ago#6

cant these people be identified and banned ,or perhaps these companies dont want us to keep playing old games which dont create money.

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