Advice on improving my aim

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User Info: isamu

8 years ago#1
Hi guys how's it going? :)

I've been playing the Xbox 360 version of CoD: WaW a lot lately. This is the first Call of Duty game I've played, and the first time I've EVER played a first person shooter online(GoW doesn't count). It's a good game and I'm currently at Lvl 34. I've gotten a few nice machines guns and sub-machine guns. These are my favorite type of weapons. Some are better than others...I usually like to use the M1A1 Thompson, Type 100 or the MP40 Sub machine gun.

The problem is, I am having a hard time getting good at aiming. I am constantly losing gun battles because of my poor aiming skills. When I am near or approach an enemy, I have a hard time getting my cursor focused on him long enough to get a kill. Most of my kills seem to be by luck, as I frantically move the analog knob back and forth hoping and praying my gunfire makes contact. I don't know, maybe I haven't been playing first person shooters long enough using an analog stick, or maybe my sensitivity setting is wrong? Right now it's set at medium. Should I alter it?

What else can I do to improve my aiming skills? Is it something that improves over time and just comes naturally? Is there a perk in the game that makes aiming the cursor more steady when aiming in using the left trigger? I already have the "steady aim" perk but that is just for when you shoot from the hip.

BTW my little cousin is only 15 years old and he's a GOD at this game, averaging 25 kills in team deathmatch, sometimes as high as 35!!! I'm more than twice his age and I suck. WTF is up with that? :cry:

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User Info: kinger256

8 years ago#2
Just keep playing until you get better.

User Info: FalconXR8

8 years ago#3
umm, have you tried adjusting the aim sensitivity? it could be too fast or slow for you...each game is different for me, on the RB6 games i can play on the highest sensitivity but on Halo, BF:BC, and this i have to bring it down a notch....
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User Info: superkong1052

8 years ago#4
For machine guns I would recconmend a higher sensivity as they are heavier and so less easy to move around.

This can be the same for sub-machine guns but again depends on your personal preference.

User Info: Soggy_Toast

8 years ago#5
Try staying calm when someone jumps out at you. When people panic, they tend to
spray around the enemy, ending up dying.
Playing on Hardened in campaign
will help you get quick reaction time and I'd suggest you start with a low sensitivity
and work your way up so eventually you'll be able to be precise and turn around quickly
whenever you need to. I currently play at 10 sensitivity and it's great, you just have to get
used to it. Also, there are no perks other than Steady Aim that can help you. Hope that I was useful.

User Info: Severian113

8 years ago#6
Get all the challenges done for the Bolt Actions. All of them, except for the PTRS and the Springfield.

Trust me in this--play with bolt actions and your aim WILL improve.
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User Info: jack_cool247

8 years ago#7
my advice would be to not actively aim at the enemy unless he's standing still. if he's moving just aim where you anticipate he'll be then shoot when he gets there. in other words, always try to lead your target, so don't aim your gun along the same movement path as your enemy unless you know you'll get a kill-shot.

this is especially true with the bolt action rifles, though if you're using automatics, just keep at it until you get dual mags/round drum/extended clip for the smgs, you could seriously wreck shop with your eyes closed.

User Info: isamu

8 years ago#8
Thanks guys I will keep these suggestions in mind ;)

OR 2006: Coast2Coast city here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: COD4_Shinedown

8 years ago#9
All I have to say is, keep playing. Trust me when I say this, your accuracy will improve greatly over time. You just have to wait until you get used to it. It'll come naturally ;)

User Info: MakeJuice

8 years ago#10
I used to have a real bad habit that whenever I ran, I would point the target reticule downwards thinking I was keeping my head up. It really messed with my field of view and made it difficult to aim in the distance. Now I run with the reticule aimed slightly higher than the horizon and I rock it more often.

Also, when you play with SMGs, strafe left and right to make horizontal adjustments instead of using the right stick. Mainly use the right stick for any vertical adjustments and the left for horizontal and you'll find your bullets headed in a more favorable direction.
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