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User Info: JHahN812

8 years ago#1
Are all the upgrades the same? I've upgraded the PPSH, Thompson, and STG so far. They all appear to have the same upgrades, larger ammo clip and pink bullets. Is there something I'm missing here or is there any difference between the different weapons at all?

User Info: JHahN812

8 years ago#2
Oh yeah, and the bowie knife should upgrade to a chainsaw.

User Info: mdouet_basic

8 years ago#3
Haha, bowe knife->chainsaw...I like the way you think. Treyarch, hire this guy!
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User Info: mrcod4

8 years ago#4
Lol yea. I want my bowie to be a chainsaw!
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User Info: swordzman157

8 years ago#5
for the most part they all have similar upgrades ie: larger clip/mag more damage shoot red/pink bullets and are silvery/blueish but some guns like the m1911 pistol shoot grenades or the pump shotgun which reloads 2 at a time.
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User Info: PandaFlippy

8 years ago#6
i was thinking of upgrading the bowie to katana but... SCREW THAT

nice thinking of the chainsaw lol
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Most of them are the same, sorta, but how they act is different. The M1A1 Carbine goes in a rifle and comes out as an automatic, I think the same for one of the bolt actions. The Flamethrower actually does become pretty helpful, but it still blinds you (and others) which is still a negative to me. (Note, I didn't use the Upgraded Flamethrower with DT+SoH so if anyone can tell me if those two perks affect the Flamethrower/Upgraded, tell me.)
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User Info: JHahN812

8 years ago#8
Ok, so the damage that the weapons do increase as well? Thats good to know. Didnt want to spend my points on a few extra pink bullets.

User Info: hoganms

8 years ago#9

Upgrading your weapons is a must. MG 42 and the trench gun seem to be the most helpful upgrades so far (Trench being the favorite go to gun). People (myself included) don't seem to be impressed with upgrading the sub guns. So far this is what I've upgraded and rated.

1-5 stars

Colt=rocket launcher-4 (mainly due to a cool factor). You don't get a lot of rounds, and you can kill yourself with it. But it's a semi auto rocked launcher.Enough said.

Sub guns-3 stars. I think they are all about the same. The type 100 being the worst of the bunch, and the ppsh being the best. Go figure right? They're average. But not mind blowing like some othe upgrades. Okay if you have nothing else to upgrade.

Trench gun=5 stars. Mainly because it's my favorite. Big magazine, reloads fairly quick, one shot kills. If aimed right, can take out severt zombies.

MG 42-5 stars. INsane rate of fire, big magazine, pretty powerfull.

Browning-4 stars. Almost as good as mG, but slower re load and slower rate of fire. Perks can obviously change that.

STG-3 1/2. Suprizingly good considering it's an stg.

Flamethrower-2 Stars. Doesn't really over heat, a bit more powerful. But just like before, hindering to other players, and worthless in later rounds.

Khar 98- 2 1/2....maybe 3. It turns into a one shot kill's still a bolt action. I can see if you had speed maybe it would be okay. But I won't upgrade it again.

Sniper rifle. 3 stars. If you can find a place where zombies line up at you (on balcony above teleporter) the "penetrator" will go right througha whole line of them. Extended magazine makes this one pretty good. If you're moving around (like You'll mostly do) it won't be much help.

I have yet to upgrade the wonder waffle or ray gun because...oh yea, they are already kick ass. But I've heard they turn red, so that's cool right?

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User Info: Lief20

8 years ago#10
When upgraded, the WunderWaffe has a 6 round clip, and you carry 30 rounds in reserve. Fires red lightning.

The Ray Gun fires red lasers, the lasers gain a stun effect to any zombie caught in the blast, and carries more ammo.
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