how do i use the monkey bomb

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  3. how do i use the monkey bomb

User Info: Millertime638

7 years ago#1
i don't want to loose them so i don't want to just press buttons to find out.

User Info: y000012500

7 years ago#2
The secondary grenade button. LB

User Info: VixenofVenus

7 years ago#3
Here's the DL on the Monkey Bomb ...

Throw it ...

It plays music and attracts Zombies to it (But not Hellhounds) ....

Then it explodes and kills the Zombies around it ...

Most of the time, it's good to throw a MB under one of the following circumstances:

1 - A team mate goes down and you want a few seconds to be able to revive him.
2 - Your team is getting swamped, throwing one will pull the zombies away from you and give you a few seconds to reload and then continue firing away.
3 - To rack up points ... if you throw one and then just blow away the zombies as they group up ... it can really give you a nice point boost.
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User Info: Taxidermy

7 years ago#4
4 - to make a crawler
Mechanical Engineers make weapons. Civil Engineers make targets.
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User Info: n3jitachi

7 years ago#5
5. For the achievement (If it's your first use)

User Info: NInjaZiru

7 years ago#6
6 - To hear some horribly annoying monkey-talk and music
Xbox Live Gamertag: NinjaZiru
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  3. how do i use the monkey bomb

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