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User Info: Super_Glitch

8 years ago#1
...ok, so most people know that there are a few glitches in Der Riese. i only know a few.

-Randomly during the later rounds(most of the time when holding a zombie) the creepy voice will say "Max Ammo" repeatedly, even tho there's no max ammo. same with Samantha or girl's voice saying "You win, GAME OVER!" after doing the hide and seek game. maybe with the other pick-ups too.

-Zombies and dogs down in one hit, even with Jugger-Nog. Most people say that it's because of the Jugger-Nog.

-Type 99 and Sawed-Off not in Weapon Box. this can't be proven as a glitch, as some say they're in weapon box after activating Fly Trap and finding all the teddies. We will have to wait until Treyarch says something concerning them.

honestly, the only real annoying one is the Jugger-Nog glitch. the "Max Ammo" glitch i can live with, doesn't affect gameplay. and i honestly don't care for the Type 99 until i know how well it works in zombies.

if there's any other glitches in Der Riese, please list them.
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User Info: wongerman

8 years ago#2
Around round 30, i kept hearing the dog round sound every 30 secondes.
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User Info: Supernova543

8 years ago#3
The dogs killing in one hit does not have to do with Juggernog. I've been killed in one hit without Juggernog (usually takes 3)
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User Info: zodiark1

8 years ago#4
A lot of times when zombies hit you theres some kind of lag which allows them to kill you without even having the chance to move.
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User Info: Sed83

8 years ago#5

the dogs and zombies taking 1 or 2 hits to down u even with juggernault has everything to do with the wunderwaffle...

User Info: whitechoc55

8 years ago#6
that's what I though Sed...but I had the Barracuda and the Reaper...and still there was an I don't understand why without the PaP there is little to no splash damage with the Wunderwaffe...but with the Pap Upgrade there is...and it doesn't seem to wear off..Like I killed about 15 zombies with one shot granted...but then they kill me with 1 hit while I have Jugg on....makes no sense for me to pay 5 stacks to downgrade my weapon and change the color that it fires...
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User Info: JDM_Jev

8 years ago#7
There's also a glitch that works along the lines of the DG-2 (still persists when upgraded) will have base health even with Juggernog.

So you're incapped in one/two hits no matter what.

I've also had a few instances where I've been helped up but for some reason we get Game Over'd anyway. Doesn't make any sense considering I've had two or more teammates still alive.
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User Info: Super_Glitch

8 years ago#8
oh right, there's another glitch i forgot, although it's highly unlikely anybody would do it.

After a player gets killed and revived nxt round, he only has a colt. my friend had this happen to him. he upgraded his colt, then he had a C-3000 and a regular colt. when he could and his C-3000 ran out of ammo, he upgraded his regular colt. after that, he only had ONE C-3000 and couldn't pick up a 2nd gun. he was stuck with the ability to hold only one gun at a time.
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User Info: Royal-Al

8 years ago#9
If you zap yourself with the wonderwaffe, (even with juggernaught) the next time you get hit once (maybe twice) you go down even if you have full health. (I.E. Zap yourself, then 4 minutes later you get hit and go down with full health on the first hit)

User Info: iaiceikiingi47i

8 years ago#10
There's another one that a guy online showed me where you sit in the corner of the hallway under the Fast Revive room and you cannot be hit by dogs. This was nice because it allowed us to hold a single dog there and then run out and buy weapons, activate teleporters, and get perks. I believe all you have to do to use this glitch is when i comes to a dog round have one person go to the underground hallway by the Fast Revive room and go into the corner that is closer to where the Fast Revive machine is. The dog should run at you and then it should be held back a couple of feet from you similar to some of the glitches in the original Nazi Zombies, Nacht der Untoten. I don't believe that it works on regular zombies, but i know it can beat dogs.
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