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User Info: me_me_me_me_me

7 years ago#1

I don't know if it's appropriate to have a "miscellaneous" topic in this forum, but there are often little comments and such that I want to make that don't warrant a dedicated new topic. So here we are.

I have been thinking about Toki island (Island 2) and two-player mode and whatthose two aspects of the game havedone for me as an advanced player. In the past few weeks I have acheived some amazing scores on a few levels, and greatly improved on others that were lacking pretty badly, and that got me to wondering how it was that I am now doing so much better on some of these levels.

I had a pretty good hold on the game when I was playing strictly Island 1 - one-player, but when I moved on to Island 2, I was like a fish out of water. That island is very different from the first one and I was terrible at it. I then moved on to two-player mode. I only had one controller and thought I would need a live body next to me playing the game anyways, so it was a long while before I tried two-player mode by myself.

When I finally got another controller and played Island 1 two-player I found that it was a lot of fun and actually changed the way that I thought about the way that I played.

Something about playing two-player taught me more about efficiency. I think it was when I learned that I could build a tower's strength very quickly (*spoiler alert* hint-hint: both players together under one tower can upgrade it twice as fast!), which enabled me to tear the towerdown and get gems for early interest upgrades, I also learned that not having that upgraded tower there still enabled me (in some cases) to clear the stage without losing a villager.I know this sounds like something I should have had more faith in before, but I think there is that psychological idea that once you have that precious tower upgraded to black, you don't want to tear it down when it can be so useful later. I also started tearing down towers that would be needed again in only two waves -even if I'm not yet at 20% interest.

Also, something about what I learned in playing island2 - two-player helped me get better scores in single player on island 2! Maybe it's that frantic changing from one controller to another that has helped me to become a calmer, more efficient player in solo. But also that darn island is so hard (at least it was for me) and tower placement is so important that this also has helped me with the game.

I guess what I'm saying in all this is that if you are trying to become a better player and want higher scores, maybe concentrating on the more difficult island2 and perhaps even playing two-player by yourself may teach you many things along the way. I came back to island 1 after spending this past winter focusing on island 2 and I found that my skills have improved dramatically!

Now if only I could figure out the tower placement for Bridge, Treeless Forest and Lines of Attack... I find it funny that these are "Medium" difficulty levels.

User Info: Marximus11

7 years ago#2
Heh...I think you might be the only one playing this game nowadays. These forums are dead.

I used to think that Island #2 was more difficult, and it probably is from a "getting a rainbow" perspective. From a scoring perspective, though, I don't think that's the case. I'd consider them about the same. More players have played for score on Island #1, so the ceiling will be a little higher there compared to Island #2, which will give you the perception that your scores on Island #2 are better.

I agree that playing co-op w/ 2 controllers will give you a different take on certain maps, and can help with your solo strategies. There's also the fact that you're just putting in that much more time, which will make you better as well. The reverse is true, too. Sometimes you need to break out of your solo-player strategies in order to get better scores on co-op. As you say, you can create gems quicker via double-dancing, and that can create more options for you.
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User Info: me_me_me_me_me

7 years ago#3

So PJM is becoming a has-been game, eh? That's too bad. This has been my favorite game for PS3.

There are still a few seasonedplayers that are chipping away at the leader boards - I recently acheived a 3rd place spot on Swirling Paths two-player, and then about 24 hours later Kamkumi knocked me back to 4th. I believe Kamkumi is the wife of PapiFed, so he may be playing still as well. Is beegeman still playing? What about sooscandy? I'm not sure if I have seen movement on the score boards by that player or not...

Anyways, just wanted to share a little side note about the game and was wondering if anyone else has had this same experience (fear). As electric cars are discussed more as a real option for drivers, the term "range anxiety" has been coined to describe the fear of running out of juice before reaching one's destination. With PJM, when I improve my score on a level, I experience "score update anxiety." This is that nagging feeling that if I shut off my PS3 before I see the actual score update, then the leader board may not get updated with my new score.So even though I want to shut off the systemand go to bed or go to work or whatever, I sit there waiting for that flashing score to stop and for my new score to show on the board! Silly, I know, but still...

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