CWcheat Codes ( works and tested )

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User Info: leviathan122388

9 years ago#151
umm Idk how to read Japanese and I'm sure a lot of other people don't either >.<, but I was wondering if someone may be nice enough to post the item code for the Sange? I dont want both the Sange and yasha twin Saber, I just want the little old Sange by itself lol. =D

User Info: benny108

9 years ago#152
Is putting codes in for armor the same as weapon? I tired putting armor codes from but they didn't work. Help please! =)

User Info: leviathan122388

9 years ago#153
I was wondering, I am trying to get the Yasha by itself and I'm using the yasha&sange code from a previous page. Did I do it right? or do I have to do it differently???

_L 0x604C91EC 0x01090F03
_L 0x00020001 0x00000268
_L 0x604C91EC 0xFFFFFFFF
_L 0x00020001 0x00000264

This is the code

01090F03 YASHA (09: Saber)

User Info: FireZ

9 years ago#154
@sharingan123456 yr cheat.db file is definately correct and i am also using the same cwcheat version. and if u said yr cwcheat only displays the ULJM05309... it means it does not detect any cheats at all for the game... if it does it will show Phantasy Star Portable beside the ULJM05309.

damn.. i am not a pro... cant really help out on this... try disabling and enabling the plugins of yr cwcheat? lol... or try entering some other codes for some other games to see if it turns up.. if it does... the phantasy star codes itself has a problem.. if it doesnt.. reinstall cwcheat. and also might wanna try just entering 1 code for phantasy star portable first..

i hope this helps...

User Info: Unknown_PC

9 years ago#155

Yeah, you can input weapons, armors, clothings, parts, units, and consumables (if you have the consumable amount code)

Again, as I mentioned previously, when taking the item codes from lists and making them into cheats, you have to reverse the item codes by their 2-digit set.

So if you see an armor you want and the item code is 02010300 (ƒƒCƒKƒ‰ƒCƒ“ / Megaline)

To put that item code into the cheat, you have to convert 02 01 03 00 to 00 03 01 02


Close, but you have to reverse the item code as I mentioned above. Therefore, input 030F0901

Also, that cheat you typed only works with Character Save Slot #1, you may find this format for all characters to be more convenient:

_C0 Swap Inv 01- Default Stats - Yasha
_L 0x604C91E4 0xFFFFFFFF
_L 0x00020001 0x00000A24
_L 0x604C91E4 0x030F0901
_L 0x00020001 0x00000A28

User Info: kIsSRF

9 years ago#156
Has anyone yet found any item codes for the extra slots in armours? =D

By this i mean things such as whitil and darkness wings, but those codes already exist.

User Info: Fuse_Gil

9 years ago#157
may i ask is there a cheat which allows you to walk through walls/doors or automatically makes all red switches green?

User Info: sharingan123456

9 years ago#158
I actually had an older version of cwcheat before hand and i actually updated to REVC thinking that it might work out.
Would it have anything to do with my ISO? I have the 1gb version ad it runs perfect so of might not be but who knows.
do you think you could upload a copy of your cheat.db?
that way if it still doesn't work it might be because of my ISO.

User Info: Unknown_PC

9 years ago#159
may i ask is there a cheat which allows you to walk through walls/doors or automatically makes all red switches green?

They haven't been posted in this topic yet, but both exist. I'll probably post one or the other once I can get them to work flawlessly.

Noclip + Teleport still has problems triggering certain events and can sometimes desync your character.

Making switches red -> green isn't tough to do, just very time-consuming to find all the pointers and offsets for individual buttons.

User Info: gk2012

9 years ago#160
I tried using the All Titles code just to see them all and I found out that it doesn't raise the drop rates if you use it...

good luck with those cheaters... xD
ows talaga~?
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