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User Info: DarthStonerB7

9 years ago#1
First, are there historical teams to unlock? Would love to play the late 80s early 90s A's teams (McGwire, Cansaco, Lansford, Henderson, Henderson, Steinbach, Weiss, Stewart, Eck, Davis, etc... etc...)

Second, how is defense? I love baseball games, but have ALWAYS hatted playing defense. Is there an auto D option?

Thanks in advance!

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User Info: Veesmack

9 years ago#2
1) There are no historic teams. They've got teams that are compiled with hall of famers and other greats. For example, the other greats include Will Clark, Matt Williams, Joe Carter. They've got players like Nolan Ryan and Ted Williams, too. the only catch is they are on specific teams. You can't have Nolan Ryan, Will Clark or Ted Williams on the same team. Hopefully there will be a download to fix this. You also cannot edit these historic players. They do have Dennis Eckersley on one of the teams :)

2) I don't know about an auto defense feature because i enjoy playing every aspect of baseball in video games. It's not easy but it makes me feel good to perform great plays without assistance.

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