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User Info: SonicRuler

3 years ago#31
Random update but my game is going well. Baroque is weirding them out in just the right ways : D

Baroquemonger is so much fun to speak as since he is so cryptic but does explain some things. ACtually started scripting out the things he, the mind reader, and the archangel say in the game so I can use some of the quotes or twist them slightly.

The illusionmaster sorcerer is having a great time as I'm having the tower twist some of his illusions/delusions into sorta reality. Making the enemies die in creepier ways that match their original state or similar things.

For example one of the spells made the liars nauseous. Someone explaining the ailment was like "they are puking their insides out so much they can't move.

>Proceed to have them puke out their original outsides before the blaze.

Slash marks appearing on the doll like parts of the bodies of the liars....boxbearer confused them though they quickly figured out that they can take control of how his abilities work.

Have it so the faster they kill things and the more often the less they take mental score damage and if their mental scores (so vitatlity) go too low they start taking physical damage as well to keep wearing them down and keep them moving and killing. Seems to be going really well so far though I need to make more enemies. Just thought I'd give an update on that so the thread doesn't die.
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