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User Info: lovbbws

4 years ago#1
I just got this for 4 dollars great game just dont die in it wow you lose everything :(

User Info: PedroMontana

4 years ago#2
Yea it's really good and unique. A few tips:

1. Keep in mind that you only keep the stuff you throw into the consciousness orbs, so ALWAYS throw something in every consciousness orb you find.

2. The number of things the collector (the guy who stores the items you threw into the consciousness orbs) can store increases depending on how many different items have been sent to him. So try to throw different stuff into the conscious orbs instead of all the same stuff.

3. While your level resets to 0 when you die or beat the dungeon, there are 2 tricks to level up/get experience before entering the dungeon:
- obviously, you keep what you get in the training dungeon
- in one corner of the city hub, there are some fish enemies. Kill them, this actually DOES make a difference as being even slightly stronger allows to be a lot more aggressive on the early floors of the tower.
No More Heroes

User Info: Halteclere

4 years ago#3
If you get a Me Brand, you can use it on an item so you get it back after you clear/die.

It only works once, though, then it turns into a No Brand and you'll need an Unbrand to remove it if you want to mark that item again.
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