The quest for 100% Round Two

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User Info: SonicRuler

4 years ago#1
So been over a year and a half. Should be enough for a soul to heal.

I have in fact returned to playing baroque to try to end this thing once and for all. Ended up advancing the tower to 3000 accidentally and decided to say screw it and just continue on since I would need to check up on what I have missed and stuff with the voice list.

And to my vast surprise ended up getting Judgement, Magician, Lovers, Emperor and Fool without too much pain. I expected far more pain but I think thats the scars from my hours trying to get all the bones and disks.

I also ran into the fallen and chance sword randomly as well as the blind torturer. As such all I lack for what I have unlocked so far item wise is Moldy Fluid and Cannibal Parasite and Devil idea sephirah (HATE). And at this rate considering how I can eventually get my rewards from the coffin man's dungeons might as well leave those until then unless I get lucky and run into it in the tower.

Currently finishing reading the idea sephirahs of all my new gains doing the 1600 shuffle with the split brand and then I'll check if there are any easy voices to get. And if not I think I will finally grit my teeth and descend to the final floor. Its been so many years since I bought this game without ever getting the ending myself, think its time to fix that.

User Info: cyberpik

4 years ago#2
Best of luck to 100% file tallied up 423 hours of my life according to the hours logged on the old Nintendo Channel. Granted a lot of that was spent running around getting a lot of nothing accomplished.

I'm sure using a guide would shave that number down by a fair chunk. If I had the time available, I'd gladly start a fresh file.

User Info: Malek86

4 years ago#3
Even if you have a guide, just waiting for the right item to pop up is gonna cost you a lot of time wandering around and doing nothing. I suppose the only small help you could get, would be to know each item's drop chance on each floor subset.

User Info: SonicRuler

4 years ago#4
Welp. Got moldy fluid and proceeded to the bottom of the tower getting high priestess, hierophant, and temperance along the way (yay summon torturers). And got special hunter out of it.

So now I have the deadly meta beings idea sephirahs. Bagged One, Boxbearer, Horned Girl.

And thats it for items.

Honestly not sure what exactly to do right now considering now I have a lot more options. Guess I'll try getting more of my idea sephirahs read via addition boxes while getting the archangel's new voices and stuff.

and then after I deal with the deadly meta beings I'll do the dungeons. If anyone has any recommendations of their own in completing post game stuff before I start from the beginning again let me know.

Oh also, do items carry over with the collector when you restart?

User Info: cyberpik

4 years ago#5
SonicRuler posted...
Guess I'll try getting more of my idea sephirahs read via addition boxes

I used a split brand for this using the -1600 tower. I advise against picking up any items with this method. On the first floor change there is a 50/50 shot of the Idea Sephirah duplicating and the odds only go up from there. There are enough Consciousness Orbs in the -1600 tower to cover off all eight Idea Sephirahs needed for enemies (exceptions aside). Save on every floor and just in case the wrong item duplicates, hit reset.

SonicRuler posted...
Oh also, do items carry over with the collector when you restart?

IIRC, you get asked if you want your database carried over.

User Info: SonicRuler

4 years ago#6
Oh yeah I know how do do the addition box stuff, done it more then enough times over and over again.

About to enter dungeons for the first time actually so that should be fun with my +65 coat and sword.

Finally finished post game deadly metabeing stuff so got that baroque and got the voices for bring alice back first and then ignoring Eliza.

Bagged One hadn't said anything new in ages so I finally said screw it and killed her and got boxbearer's remaining voices and then killed him and horned girl as well so got Liberator.

Now only have 11 items left to get.

Just finished getting Unstoppable (pain in the butt)

Got special Hunter before, close to god, self-reliant, and perfectionist in pretty quick order.

As such all I have left for baroques is the dungeons, collector (I do think I broke Neophyte since he never appeared ever again), Friendly Fire (had killed Koriel before I found out about that one, and Broken Doll (intend to do simulation -- after doing dungeons.

So yeah after dungeons I will have filled out my item list and will really mostly just have voices to go. All metabeings have had all of their idea sephirah read ecept for chariot and the deadly metabeings and I have a TON of addition boxes right now for when that happens. Slowly 100% inches closer.

User Info: SonicRuler

4 years ago#7
Chariot and Wands remains.

Completed two dungeons (rotten and reverse disk) and am a quarter of the way through the trap dungeon.

Question on voices though.

53. To receive this voice, you must first complete the Hell Dungeon, and then
ON THE SAME LIFE descend to -3900 in the Neuro Tower. When you approach
the Archangel, you will find that you have bored him to sleep. Throw an
item into his Consciousness Orb to wake him up and produce this voice.
Note: If you do not do this, he will remain asleep on subsequent trips to
-3900 until you do.

Does that HAVE to be the hell dungeon? I figured it meant any of the dungeons but I have gone down to the bottom floor two times now and I didn't get it either time.

If it does okay but if it can be any does it also require you to take a certain amount of time? I've been using warp bones to lololoolol my way through most of the floors. If so then I won't care about going all the way down again until I do frugal since that one will take the longest by far.

After the hell dungeon I might finally go to a restart on the plot. The number of voices remaining I can't get keeps annoying me. And I need to do it anyways so it will also give me time to get my atk/defense parasite for frugal dungeon. And I need recovery DX fluids since I forgot to keep on in my bag before completing the 3900 dungeon and that will be useful for when my FISTS THEY ARE LIKE STEEL.

So yeah if anyone knows about whether Hell Dungeon means any dungeon and I'm just not taking long enough to bore him to unconscious let me know.

User Info: SonicRuler

4 years ago#8
Still hard at work on this mostly getting voices. Left the 4 remaining dungeons for the second playthrough I'm in. Have all idea sephirah read, filled out item list, finally seeing Neophyte this time to get his voices and Eliza's voices in the 2200 phase. Mostly have a couple random assorted voices remaining.

Still have yet to get 175 and 201 from the Baroquemonger even on the second phase so far. Maybe they are post game things? Not sure but all I know is that I have exhausted all his current stuff.

Never really realized how obvious mind reader makes stuff if you take too long in 1600 phase basically telling you exactly what you need to do.

As I mentioned in the 19 years thread I'm also writing out the script for a fair number of the characters. Mostly archangel remaining. Might leave this save behind and keep moving on once I'm done with Neophyte so I can get some more of the voices and return to doing dungeons.

Victory approaches! SOOOOON.

User Info: megages03

4 years ago#9
Wow man, that is some dedication! Good work!
Any plans to record any of this or to write about it like an LP?
I know this game is dead old but I would still like to see more info on it.
"I like taking other men in my mouth. Doesn't mean I'm gay does it" -- UrAssIsInMyYard (I'm afraid it does pal).

User Info: SonicRuler

4 years ago#10
Don't have the capability, time, or tech to really do anything more then a text LP and...I just can't. I'm so tired of this game at this point I'm barely hanging on. Hell, this and my other quest for 100% thread are basically my chronicles of pain anyways so thats about the best you'll get lol.

And damn would this be a boring thing to see LPed XD. So much tower trecking.

Anyways updates.

10 Voices remain.

53 is being a jerk. I actually went through the Hell Dungeon and then to the bottom of the tower but the Archangel hadn't fallen asleep because he wanted to tell me about his sister or keep talking about the damn distortion. Which means I'll probably have to bribe someone to do it for me in the future because I can't bring myself to redo a dungeon I already did.

76 just needs a restart.

99 never showed up when I first played endgame but maybe i'll get lucky and it'll show up.

101 I actually GOT but it didn't register. Third voice that did that and I didn't realize until afterwards. Very annoying so I'll need to wait for a restart.

118 never showed up for Eliza but maybe if I bring her back before Alice she'll say it.

153 for whatever reason I have never gotten Alice to say. I don't know if there is anything special to it but I'll try on a redo when trying to get...

169 Again just need to do another restart

175 and 201 I just made a topic about. Never gotten them. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Possibly after getting every Baroque? I've even been scripting out the game as I mentioned so its weird to miss it when I have talked to him MANY times. I figure there must be a trigger I'm not getting.

227 Hey an easy voice.

So yeah, hunger, defenseless, and frugal remain with frugal being the one that will be by far the worst. We'll see when I do them. REALLY angry about 53 and the baroquemonger stuff and not feeling in the mood to continue my self-imposed torture that is this game. I'm sure I'll resume soon enough but I probably just need to step away for a bit unless someone gives info about stuff.

Oh yeah and this time around Neophyte actually did appear and didn't vanish into nothingness like last time. Though my Bagged One is still stuck yelling about how people are asking to be purified. Does she ever stop doing that? Did I just break her or something? Used to think the us meant the littles but maybe it meant the world or something? Guess I'll find out.
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