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User Info: SonicRuler

4 years ago#1
I posted this in my actual thread but figured people are more likely to read a question like this in its own thread and hey maybe it will help someone else out.

53. To receive this voice, you must first complete the Hell Dungeon, and then
ON THE SAME LIFE descend to -3900 in the Neuro Tower. When you approach
the Archangel, you will find that you have bored him to sleep. Throw an
item into his Consciousness Orb to wake him up and produce this voice.
Note: If you do not do this, he will remain asleep on subsequent trips to
-3900 until you do.

Does that HAVE to be the hell dungeon? I figured it meant any of the dungeons but I have gone down to the bottom floor two times now and I didn't get it either time.

If it does okay but if it can be any does it also require you to take a certain amount of time? I've been using warp bones to lololoolol my way through most of the floors. If so then I won't care about going all the way down again until I do frugal since that one will take the longest by far since I can't warp bone around.

I just don't want to keep wasting time going 100 floors then 39 more even with warp bones cutting down time. Thanks

User Info: TheArchVillain

4 years ago#2
Yes, it does have to be the Hell Dungeon. There is no indication that the amount of time taken matters. Just make sure you get to -3900 on the same life.

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