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User Info: Malek86

4 years ago#81
Story 3:

Ruby and Kitsune are talking, like usual. Kitsune mentions how there have been more earthquakes lately. Suddenly, someone enters, probably a customer.

The boy has a wound in his right arm, and is visibly out of breath. He gives Kitsune two small keys. Kitsune makes his sit in the sofa, and notices he's actually a girl. He askes who did this to her. She mentions it was "them, of course". They chase her, and their goal is to get her baroque: but without those keys they can't get it. Kitsune quickly discards the idea of bringing her to a hospital: if she went to his place, it's because she doesn't need a doctor, but a Baroquemonger.

SHe feels better, so she wants to go. She tells him not to give those keys to anyone. If she's not caught they'll meet again in 5 days. She also says her name is Rie. Later, Kitsune is recounting the story to Ruby, and says that he doesn't really know if "they" are real, as her wound was in a place you could reach by stabbing yourself with your own left arm. Nonetheless, he'll wait 5 days.

The next day, Kitsune returns from an errand and finds that his kitchen has been laid to waste. Only the kitchen, nothing else. It must have been "them", looking for something. But they seem to have left traces of blood on the ground, so Ruby goes to follow them. 4 days later, Kitsune got her baroque ready, but still hasn't been contacted by her. He goes on the Baroquemongers network to ask for information, and three similar results pop out: one has already been killed by an Ikei, another lives too far, but the last one should be the Rie he's looking for. He gets the baroque and the two keys, and goes to her house address.

She opens the door slightly, and Kitsune gives her the baroque. She is a youth accompanied by a two-headed lion: the white one is willpower, the black one is instinct. The lion is her ally, and part of herself. It helps her throughout any problem, and she will travel with it forever. Lions are fast, so "they" won't be able to catch up with her. Rie is satisfied, because with this, "they" will never be able to get her. She pays and goes away from the house.

Now alone, Kitsune enters the house. He finds it empty. Then he goes to the kitchen, where he finds Ruby handcuffed to a water pipe, near a big fridge. He uses one of the two keys to free her, then reprimands her for getting too involved in a baroque situation. Ruby retorts that she was kind with her, letting her eat and all. Kitsune says that it was probably just because she was bored by herself.

Apparently Rie's parents had disappeared. Being left to herself, Rie had developed a baroque. She felt chased because she actually wanted to be caught, by her family, just like she had caught Ruby. But now that he had given her the two-headed lion to accompany her, she should be fine.

Kitsune then notices that the fridge had a keyhole too. Now having a bad feeling, he opens it with the other key. Two bodies fall off. Kitsune understands he messed up spectacularly: Rie didn't feel chased by her parents, but by her own guilt for killing her parents. Ruby teases Kitsune for getting it wrong despite being a Baroquemonger. Kitsune retorts that as long as the customer is satisfied, it's not his problem. Besides, he had made a mistake since the beginning, when he thougnt she was a boy.

Still reading through the last one, I'll translate it later.

User Info: Malek86

4 years ago#82
Story 4:

Kitsune and Ruby are watching the TV. A message is being broadcast telling people to remain in the safe area and just keep on living normally, while Ikei Hunting squads are being sent out everywhere. Kitsune thinks that, in the 6 days since the existence of Ikei has been revealed to the public, he had got 13 customers.

Ruby complains that most of his customers end up dying. Kitsune retorts that those he gives baroques to, become like androids, and thus they can't really die, they just fulfill their baroques. Ruby replies "that looks like a baroque". Kitsune says that it's only normal that the death count has increased since his own customers have increased a lot, and besides, nobody has complained yet.

Someone knocks at the door. Ruby goes to hide under the desk, like she always does. It's a woman dressed entirely in a back funeral garb and a veil. Kitsune tries to assess if she might be a customer or not: her fingers are shaking, but he can't see her eyes because of the veil. She wants to trade baroques: she leaves "her baroque", in a black envelope, on his desk. He makes her write her address, with the promise that if they find a suitable baroque, they'll make a trade. Then she goes away.

Kitsune and Ruby open the envelope and read the baroque. She's a descendant from a household of immortals. Her distinctive sign is her name: whenever a boat sinks or mountains spit fire or demons attack, the only survivor will always be the one with that name. Anyone who finds out that name will become immortal, but if they get it wrong, their mouth will be sealed instead.

Kitsune understand that the trade must be done by giving her the name. But if he doesn't get it right, he will die. Perhaps that black garb was because she had just come from the funeral of other Baroquemongers who failed. Ruby tells him that he absolutely mustn't die, and that he must get the name right. Kitsune seems relaxed enough.

In the next days, he tries to solve the mystery, but without any luck. He researches all around, but he still can't find a fitting name. He doesn't seem to think he will actually die. And even if the curse were real, it would be a fitting end for a Baroquemonger. Then 7 days later, the woman arrives again, still dressed in black, asking for her baroque.

The woman opens her handkerchief, and a poisonous spider comes out. It seems to bite Ruby's feet, and she drops down, shaking. Kitsune quickly finishes her baroque, and presents it to her.

She's a trumpeter angel that declares the time of resurrection. She purifies all of any evil, and her immortality can never be destroyed. People dance to the sound of her trumpet. The name of immortality is that of her victims. Therefore, now that she killed Ruby, her name is Ruby.

Kitsune asks if she's satisfied with this baroque. The woman takes off her veil, and Kitsune notices those are not baroque eyes. She gives him the money, and turns back to go away. As her veil is gone, Kitsune notices a pair of fake wings attached to her back.

Kitsune goes to Ruby's body, but she springs up, saying she had faked it and that she's not going to die of Tarantella poison. Kitsune thinks about that name, Tarantella. He thinks about how he told the woman of people dancing to the trumpet. The woman herself was like an angel, with those fake wings. She came to his door despite not having a baroque. Perhaps she was an angel putting her through a trial? Then he thinks about Suzume, the Neuro Tower, Fumi.

He tries to shake it all off. He's just a baroquemonger, Ruby is just a freeloader in his office, and even though the distortion in the world gets larger, his days just keep going normally. And if there was anything else, he doesn't want to remember.

He asks Ruby if she's his delusion. She starts blurring and says yes, she, Kitsune, and everyone else only exist inside a baroque. Then Kitsune thinks "I found a nice baroque", and starts a new file on his PC.

User Info: Noxnema

4 years ago#83
Thank you based malek
3DS FC: 1289-8432-5930

User Info: RosenkreutzXIII

4 years ago#84
Well I must give kudos to you, your translation was vastly more comprehensible then what I was able to make out. Also thank you very much for taking the time to do so, I appreciated it quite a lot.

It does however make me wish even more now that I could understand the stuff going on in the PlayStation adaptation, especially since a few of the one-shot characters from the stories look like they might have slightly enlarged roles due to there being multiple routes. That or perhaps the routes in the game are just larger or more spread out versions of the the original's events.

Was there at all any implications of how exactly baroquemongers go about giving people baroques? I noticed Kitsune seemed to make files regarding his customers on his computer a lot of the time, does that have anything to do with it or is he just him making some kind of archive? After reading the Interludium I sort of got the impression that baroquemongers were kind of like a cross between a private investigator and a unlicensed psychiatrist. The whole psychiatrist view point did however get me thinking that perhaps they're able to give people the delusion they want through some form of hypnosis, like all they have to do is completely convince the client that their desired delusion is an actual reality.

I'm not a hundred percent certain but if I had to guess why the baroquemonger profession is considered illegal I'd presume its because they're viewed as being fake psychiatrists profiting off those who'd be deemed mentally ill and because their clients have a tendency to wind up dead.

Also do you have any idea what Kitsune meant in the last story when he said that the women's eyes weren't "baroque eyes?" Is he trying to say that she didn't have the look of a disillusion person? Kinda like if you were to describe someone by saying "their eye's were filled with anger" or something similar to that?

I was originally going to question why Ruby refereed to the spider's venom as "Tarantella poison" but I looked it up and surprising it actually does make some sense in context. She's referring to a traditional belief that once existed among Apulian peasants, which basically was that anyone bitten by the locally common type of wolf spider could cure themselves by preforming a special type of dance. This dance came to be known as the tarantella, however despite the popular consensus of the time this spider's bite isn't known to cause severe symptoms in humans, much less endanger someone's life.

User Info: RosenkreutzXIII

4 years ago#85
I was pretty lucky the other day and got Medical Partner with relative ease, unfortunately I probably won't have much time to play this week since I'm going to busy again. I should be able to get Fashion Plate pretty easily whenever I do start playing again though.

User Info: Malek86

4 years ago#86
I'm not really sure about how baroquemongers work. It seems like they simply tell their patients who they should be, and that's enough. Notice in the beginning of the game/novel, Fumi says that Kitsune got his baroque wrong. As for them being illegal, I imagine it's because the government doesn't want people to know about the cause of baroques (they also try to keep the presence of Ikei a secret for a while).

The game routes are completely different from these stories, aside from sharing a very basic structure. Ami is still a seer, Rie has still killed her own parents, but other than that, they are all tied to the Malkuth story somehow. Translating the visual novel would be impossible for me though, unless there were a way to get the text on PC.

User Info: RosenkreutzXIII

4 years ago#87
I suppose Baroquemongers merely telling clients what they want to/should be or currently are could be how it works, especially since in the remake Kitsune just tells you the current baroque you have. I do however still question how just saying something is all it takes to do things like removing Ami's ability to see the future. Perhaps if we had a better idea on what particular part of Egyptian mythology he was referring to it might make more sense. My best guess is that in the world of Baroque anyone capable of extensively deluding themselves on a fact is able to change themselves in order to fit their own perceived reality although usually with an ironic twist of sorts. It would at least explain why all a Baroquemonger would have to do is convince them that their desired delusion is true.

Anyway, the other day while I was sick I ended up getting the last two baroques I needed which means I've finally finished every last thing there is to be done in the remake. Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed since the Baroquemonger didn't really say anything interesting about it, all he said was something along the lines of me now being at peak physical condition. Afterwards he just goes back to stating that the shape of the world is that of an incomplete baroque like usual.

Sadly its starting to look like I'm running out of ideas for us to discuss regarding Baroque, too bad really I was rather enjoying the conversation. I certainly wasn't expecting this particular topic to last so long, its around eighty something posts by this point. Is there perhaps anything else you can think of that might be interesting to discuss?
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