Goku vs. Superman, Broly vs. Hulk

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User Info: Perfectlous

9 years ago#131
Remember no matter how much logic and facts you can provide for the argument, NO ONE will win. Because people can't accept the fav character losing.

^ ur right bout that

I really don´t like this goku, he´s like the cheap code u use to beat someone, i prefer Vegeta or Future Trunks, to me Superman should die... AND STAY DEAD!.... Broly is like a reaaaaaaaally big fat X, and Hulk?; meh, i really don´t wanna be awesome for my anger

I prefer characters like The Flash, Batman, Spider Man, and all those guys that are humans but with super powers (Batman have the Super Credit Card, so he´s super in someting xD), but for the rest, meh.... i don´t find then very entertaining

User Info: Chickenfrogman

9 years ago#132
The incredibly idiocy of the DBZ fanboys in this topic makes me lol.
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User Info: FkMstKe

9 years ago#133
Goku stands no chance against Superman. I have yet to see goku juggle planets.
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User Info: NightSlayer45

9 years ago#134

Frienever posted...
serious tc, if u think the Hulk can beat Broly then u must be stupid.
we haven't see Broly destroying the universe as in the movies, but we see Broly destroy a single planet in 1 single energy ball blast which destroy those creatures in movie 8 planet.
we all see Hulk can't even destroy a single city in any movies and who care about the comic, he still loose to Broly.
Hulk is nothing special, he's just a stupid green big guy w/ strength, and who said when he get angrier he get stronger? it was just mouth bubbling by fanboys, even Hulk max angriest can never ever match Nappa who was a weakling compare to Broly.
we all saw Nappa destroy a city w/ his 2 fingers using a shockwave and can Hulk do that? we saw Nappa destroy the whole armies/navies w/ just his eyes blasts and punch through planes. we saw weak Vegeta blow up planet Arlias when he was a weakling in Saiyan saga which Hulk can't even do that. also, people keep saying Hulk can survive in space, then y in the movie he can't? i watch the movie and when he hold on the plane who fly into the atmosphere and Hulk skins start to loose and he can't breath so he let go off the plane and drop into the river.
Hulk is too slow to catch Broly and can't fly which he'll need to jump to get near Broly and get some hits, but Broly has a shield which Hulk don't and even if Hulk can jump very high, Broly know Vanishing Attacks which Hulk can't do any of that which Hulk has no chance.

as for Goku, yes, Goku will own Superman big time, i watch the movie Superman Doomsday and Superman was just a weakling compare to Goku.
people keep saying Superman is faster than the speed of light then why did he lose to Doomsday and why didn't Superman point blink super speed fight against Doomsday? because his speed is only use to do works, not in a fight and that's y he can't even fight fast as how DBZ fight. Goku has speed in battle unlike Superman who has speed in work, but no speed in fight. if Superman is so fast than y did slowpoke Doomsday can hit Superman and beat Superlooser in the movie?
because fanboys just bash on the comics, but he ain't that strong anyway in the comics.

and now just look at Superman who will get beating by Mortal Kombat in the newest MK vs. DC game for PS3/360.

Superman and Hulk powers can only compare to MK powers so Superman and Hulk both will loose to Goku and Broly.


dude just calm down, and hulk is able to destroy a city, hulk vs broly thats a diffrent story

User Info: bnizzle89

9 years ago#135
Go to google and type in Superman vs Goku. So much crap will come up.
"Maybe there are forces in the universe we don't understand. But I still believe we make our own miracles."

User Info: X MidnightSon X

X MidnightSon X
9 years ago#136
Better topic would be

Sentry VS Goku

Broly VS world war hulk.
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User Info: Spike_Bad

9 years ago#137
broly will lose cause the other three r all superheros so they would gang up on broly and since goku is in the mix broly loses
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User Info: KoKuTanLuFi

9 years ago#138
The Proof is here..

Trust me.. we all know who the true the victor is..
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