Goku vs. Superman, Broly vs. Hulk

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User Info: Nito_Musashi

9 years ago#61
nothing is stronger than pre crisis superman since by some amazing miracle he got however powerful he needed to get to do whatever so if hulk was ever that strong supes would just magically get that power, same way dbz characters would reach a new power level, find someone to fuse with, or somehow gain the 20 minutes it was needed to borrow the energy of a planet to do a spirit bomb and have said enemy stand there nicely while you hurl this huge slow ball of energy at em, and beat the hell of whatever.

all these characters were created to have no real limits supes if he need to be strong enough to stop god in the old comics thats how strong he was. maybe hulk was the same way like i said i could care less about the hulk the tv show sucked, the movie sucked so bad it was laughable and i was never a fan period.

heck i think superman is lame to boot but there is no denying that all these fictional characters and their creaters were just plain lazy in many ways in that they just made their creations have whatever power they needed to get the job done no matter if its its supes, goku, gohan and possibly the hulk.

dbz was a little better when they actually had listed powerlevels but lets face it even if the rest of the story did have em if goku or gohan or some fused character needed a powerlevel of 50 billion and their previous powerlevels were 20 million some new fusion technique would pop up that would allow them to reach that 50 billion goku + gohan + vegeta + trunks in some super fused god being. or however tori wanted or needed to do it. same as if superman need the 1000 billion power level to stop the god of the underworld he didnt need to fuse, did not need to train, did not need to reach a new powerlevel he just was that strong.

User Info: Play_to_Win

9 years ago#62
i'm sticking w/ my opinion, Goku beats Superman(SAS), Broly loses to Hulk(WWH)
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User Info: The_Dark_Wall

9 years ago#63
I really think with the ridiculous amounts of power displayed in dbz, I doubt either would really be a challenge for goku or brolly
"The only philosophy that is always right is that no philosophy is always right"

User Info: gjc2007

9 years ago#64
Didn't someone post that picture of Sup's sneezing away a galaxy ealier?

How can anyone say Goku could beat that?
Also Cell stated that he could destroy the solar system. Which is the universe - Atmapwns
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User Info: Nito_Musashi

9 years ago#65
maybe because pre crisis supes is just lame? and non sensical? and they just added that garbage for some 50s 60s comic effect wth happens when supes farts btw?

User Info: gjc2007

9 years ago#66
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Trunks 2003

Trunks 2003
9 years ago#67
this is so pointless.

I did not even post what i was going to say because its just going to fall on deaf ears.
BTW, if you don't care for the topic, please refrain from posting in it.

User Info: guyvue

9 years ago#68

I'm tired of all the vs. topics, we all already know DBZ can beat anyone in cartoon and anime.

Broly >>> Goku (Goku's need everyone energy to defeat Broly and he can't do it just his own power) >>> Doomsday (can never beat Goku cause he was too slow and I don't see him destroying a city and can't fly and have no power except fists and what if Doomsday vs. Heldigarn, Heldigarn would crush Doomsday w/ ease) >>> Superman (loose to Doomsday, who care about how he blow away a galaxy w/ a sneeze in the comic, he can't do that in the fight against weakling Doomsday, his eye laser was as hot as the sun but can't even scratch Doomsday face) >>> Hulk (loose to Superman cause he wasn't as famous as Superman and have no power except brute strength and also, he was too slow even slower than USSJ2 Trunks who fight against Perfect Cell which PC said Trunks was too slow so he won't be able to touch Cell, and also, Hulk will always loose to Superman cause the author will never let Hulk win)

Here's a comparison of how fast Superman fight against Doomsday and most fight in Justice League and how the DBZ fights compare w/ DC fights.

Justice League fights

Superman vs. Doomsday
Look like Superman isn't as fast as the speed of light like his fans had said, he still got punch by slowpoke Doomsday and people still can see their fight and catch them on cameras.

Superman vs. Lex Luther

Hmm, a regular human beat the man of steel w/ krytonite stone, I can too.

Superman vs. Captain Marvel
They both only manage to damage and destroy a couple of buildings, and why is Superman fight so slow and can be seen in the humans eyes?

Superman vs Captain Atom
Why is Superman still get hits and have a couple of damage fighting against a slowpoke Captain Atom?

Superman vs. Cloned Superman
The fight is very good, but was not that destructible since they both didn't destroy the city and even human can see their fight.

Hulk vs. Ultimate Avengers
Hulk is full power and he is really angry and this is how strong is Hulk at full power and he fight against the weakling Avenger and bullets can pierce though his skin, but a needle can, hmm, Hulk is pretty weak then.

Hulk vs. The Thing
2 big slow guys fighting each other and Hulk win, but the fight wasn't destructible enough and the fight was pretty boring 2 guys smashing each other w/ no skills at all.

And now for some DBZ fights

Goku vs. Frieza
Just as destructible as much as the fight Superman vs. Doomsday, but Goku and Frieza fght are way faster and they fight in the air instead of the ground and maybe a little more destructible.
Or skip to this fight.
Can Superman and Doomsday keep up w/ Goku and Frieza speed fight or the fight between Goku and Cell?

Goku vs. Kid Buu
Can Superman do any damage to Buu like Goku did?
And I don't think Superman or Doomsday can even hurt Kid Buu, he would tire out Superman and Doomsday and beat them up and absorb them.

Gohan vs. The Cell Juniors
A single Cell Jr. would be hard for Superman to take care and even Doomsday would get beat up by a Cell Jr. and if Superman or Doomsday or even Hulk ever go against Gohan, Gohan would break them just like how he break all the Cell Juniors.

Broly beat up the Z Fighters
Broly is unstoppable until everyone give their energy to Goku to defeat Broly.
Broly is way stronger than The Hulk in everyway!!!!!!!!!

So please END this vs. topic, we all know Marvel characters will never have the strength to beat the DBZ characters, Marvel characters might have strange powers, but their powers aren't even as strong as those in DBZ.

User Info: Knowledge_King

9 years ago#69
1. Superman isn't in Marvel, he's in DC
2. Almost All DC and Marvel entities as well as most sub-entities would Destroy DBZ characters
3. The Hulk and Superman shown in the videos aren't WWH or SAS, therefore the videos are irrevelant

Despite all of these I do think that Broly and Goku would win easily.
I am an entity, the physical and spiritual manifestation of knowledge in it's most pure, powerful, and refined form, I am KNOWLEDGE KING.

User Info: gamepro0062

9 years ago#70

Superman pretty much rips Goku to atoms. With Broly and Hulk, I can't say for sure. But I don't like Superman. He sucks.

I mean come on people, seeing how Superman is so overrated and overpowered, it doesn't make him an interesting character. Where are the struggles he goes through? Where was the time he EVER had problems defeating the "big baddy"? Almost Never. Except with Doomsday. He's just not that interesting. So, in my personal opinion, I'd take characters like Goku, Spiderman, Wolverine, or Batman over Superman anyday. They're way more interesting than him.

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