Will there ever be a GGXXX?

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User Info: Khirt_Harshland

7 years ago#1
No, Im not talking about a porn version of Guilty Gear ò__ó.

I honestly doubt it, the game already has a limited cast of characters, and some could no longer possibly be on a sequel (learn who by playing story mode) so they whould have to come up with some new characters (and sammy hasnt shown much effort in that since Guilty Gear 1). Im guessing they will be putting theyre effort on making a Blazblue 2, but Id really like to see a Guilty Gear sequel...
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User Info: Cypher0120

7 years ago#2
Arc told us to be patient in the interviews with them. It's not good to be working on two games at once, they said so for now...their focus is on Blazblue.
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User Info: Ace_Defective

7 years ago#3
Sammy has nothing to do with developing Guilty Gear. They're just publishers if I'm not mistaken. If there is third entry in the GGX series it should be titled GGX3 instead of GGXXX. People would probably mistook it for an GG H-game...

Anyway, I believe GGX3 will come out eventually. Arcsys have already said that they're not done with GG yet. They're still busy with Blazblue, remember? We'll just have to wait and see. I'd be overjoyed once they officially announce GGX3.

User Info: HamsterJohn1

7 years ago#4
SEGA/Sammy has the rights to the Guilty Gear IP. You can google 'Guilty Gear News' to find out that ASW hasn't had any direct involvement with the series since #Reload. I'm pretty sure if ASW DID have GG then we'd already have something other than Overture by now. If you want to support ASW directly buy BlazBlue and or Battle Fantasia; they actually own those two.
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User Info: Cypher0120

7 years ago#5
That's old news. Newer interviews say that Arc is indeed continuing the series eventually. Just not right now since it's not exactly good business working on multiple games at the same time.
"I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world...." - Hakumen


7 years ago#6
Man I hope Aksys still has some control over the Guilty Gear franchise.

It still one of my favorite fighting game series ever and I want it to continue.

I liked BlazeBlue but still liked the characters and story from GG way better.

Would love to see a BlazeBlue x Guilty Gear crossover one day.

User Info: spyers

7 years ago#7
There is a new Guilty Gear game in the works.

It is being planned for the PS3 and X-Box 360.


User Info: caveman7570

7 years ago#8

From: spyers | #001

I just pissed myself a little

User Info: HollowNinja

7 years ago#9
Thank god it's PS3 and 360.
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User Info: Stravacca

7 years ago#10
That's really good to hear.
I hope the new last boss will be a cool one (come on Raven). I liked way too goddamn much I-No.
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