Ubi admits respawning guard posts is a problem

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User Info: pyroman93

8 years ago#11
While I agree that guardposts should respawn after 24 game hours, I have to make the point that if guardposts were put aside completely and became unnecessary, the pacing of the game would be all off.

Most players would never go to a guardpost specifically for resources if they can choose to go to a safehouse instead (at least I never would), especially since it costs resources to clear out a guardposts (ammo, maybe explosives and syrettes as well). Therefore, no-one would ever visit the guardposts and the game would turn into driving from one location to another in an empty, lifeless world. Remember this place is supposed to be war-torn Africa, and I think the game designers played that off pretty well with guardposts, patrolling cars, etc.

If they make another Far Cry similar to FC2 (which I am hopeful), I think the only change they would need to make in this aspect would be guardposts respawning every 24 hours. Besides this minor issue, the guardposts are flawless, and if they changed it in any other way I'd be worried that the game was "noobified."

Just my 2 cents.
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User Info: PENumber1

8 years ago#12
pyroman93, I agree with you 100%. I think it would be a mistake to make it such that once you cleared a guard post, it was cleared forever from that point forward. Much of the "life" of this sandbox game comes from the guard posts and having to deal with them to get from point A to point B. I actually enjoy having to deal with sneaking by them on occasion, with the key phrase being "on occasion". But I think it's fun to occasionally try to sneak by the guard posts and dodge the patrolling vehicles (which I think the patrolling vehicles are perfect and should not be touched), I just think they need to increase the spawn time on the guard posts, rather than get rid of them altogether.

But I do not enjoy dealing with them every. single. time. If I clear out a guard post and then hike or drive a short distance from there to the nearest safe house, I do not like having to re-clear that post three minutes later on my way back through there.

I also am curious as to how these guys manage to catch up to me even if I speed through the post in my vehicle. The whole thing would be much more tolerable if I could just speed through the posts on occasion, but it seems that the majority of the time they miraculously manage to spot me, round themselves up, hop in their jeeps, chase me down (even though they're driving the same damned vehicle that I'm driving), and damage me and my vehicle to the point that I have to stop, get out and deal with them, even though I had the accelerator pinned to the floor the entire way.

So maybe there's two ways to deal with this. One being to increase the spawn time, and the other being to make the NPC's vehicles slightly slower than the player's so that you have a better chance of outrunning them.

User Info: embitterer

8 years ago#13
See, I speed through guard posts all the time with no trouble, although I do make it a habit to run down at least one enemy as I'm going through...maybe I just kill the driver...

I've also heard people say they've had problems with the patrol vehicles spawning behind them and running them down, but again, have never had that problem; in fact, as you said PE, they are done perfectly.
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User Info: PENumber1

8 years ago#14
Well it's the patrolling vehicles that I like, meaning the vehicles you see randomly cruising along the road. Like when you're just running along (not really near a guard post) and suddenly you hear their brakes squeak and think "oh crap" and you crouch down in the brush and try to see where they're coming from.

What I don't like is the guys at the guard posts where you speed by an empty jeep and there's nobody within like 50ft of the empty jeep and they still somehow manage to hop in and chase you down. I just don't see how they could possibly catching up to me. It's like they must be spraying a shot of nitrous to catch up that quickly. I suspect there's some kind of cheating going on, but I'm always too busy looking at the road ahead of me to get any kind of proof. =P

User Info: usmovers_02

8 years ago#15
It greatly increases my respect for this dev team that they take credit for this oversite.
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User Info: squiggy9996999

8 years ago#16
good posts and thread.

It's hard to get mad at it because the "guard post complications" have forced me to come up with some crazy strategies and have led to some reallly cool moments. It may be unintentional, but it adds an element of realism (nobody is actually Rambo and there is such a thing as calling in reinforcements). I've only had four or five times where this was a real problem, but it forced me to use stealth and not pick every fight I can, which isn't so bad. I think the problem lies on the harder difficulties, though. Your guns degrade faster along with all the other things thrown in, and this seems to be where alot of people are upset. I haven't tried the hardest difficulties yet so I don't know first hand, but alot of the complaints that I noticed came from people who were not on their first playthrough.

User Info: DarkStorm11

8 years ago#17
. I knew it was happening, but the number of places in which it was noticeable was small

I guess this guy has never played his own game then. The places where they respawn are relatively small? Every damn time I drive somewhere and I go past a guard post that I literally just finished cleaning out 30 seconds earlier they have already respawned and are shooting at me like crazy.

User Info: wrexwrecks

8 years ago#18
The larger problem is that the average gamer assumes games are developed by infallible robots from the future, so any "mistake," such as the one this thread deal with, is attributed to some nebulously defined conspiracy among publishers to hold down the state of gaming as a means to increase profit margins.

To the average gamer, it wasn't a mistake. It was a known feature put into the game specifically to artificially lengthen it, and they needed to artificially lengthen it to cover up for the fact that the game was rushed and broken.

I'll bet at some point someone will claim the dev interview is crap; a lie to further perpetuate the conspiracy.
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User Info: squiggy9996999

8 years ago#19
the dev interview is crap


User Info: silverblade78m

8 years ago#20
Totally agree with those that like the gaurd posts respawning it make you come up with a different way of going around them. I know that there is no way in real life they would be able to re-man them so quickly but I also now that I would have lead poisoning with as many bullets I have pulled out of myself. Also no injection would keep me going that long and I would be dead. I like this game and faster respawn means more targets!
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