Help can't play multiplayer

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User Info: Pat94

7 years ago#1
I borrowed this from my friend I bat it 2 years ago xbox but I want trophies plus i loved multiplayer . Everytime I go to multiplayer it says error sending data to ubisoft server help please .

User Info: thorninator264

7 years ago#2
2 days ago i started far cry 2 again i had a multiplayer game, since then i havent been able to get onto multiplayer, i got the same error message. do you think they shut down the servers?
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User Info: troublezn

7 years ago#3
the server is down for upgrades

User Info: Dead_K1ll3r

7 years ago#4
Do we know roughly when the servers will be back up and running?

User Info: RobbieG_68

7 years ago#5
ya, i can't play black ops online, it just keep saying connection lost. and im like a couple feet away from the computer. this happpened to MW2 also. the only thing i can play online is combat training.

User Info: seven62mil

7 years ago#6
wrong board, this is Far Cry 2
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User Info: unkowndude

7 years ago#7
It is working again.

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User Info: Ruh07

7 years ago#8
heres a solution, dont play Far cry online at all. Move on.

User Info: thorninator264

7 years ago#9
heres a better idea go f*** yourself
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User Info: ElBorak77

6 years ago#10
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