Is it really that bad ?

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User Info: BlackCloudz

8 years ago#1
I was semi anticipating this game when it was about to come out and then I hear from ppl that its not that great at all. Is it worth $10-$15 ? How are the controls, entrances, etc. ? If you could just gimme a run down on the game.

User Info: Ronson_6

8 years ago#2
To be honest, this game IMO is awful O_O. When i first heard about all the crap they had planned for this game (six sides of steel, create a wrestler, online play for PS2 with online tournaments, and tables and ladder for weapons) i was SO excited. Then a month before release of the game, they basically scrapped everything that would be cool for the PS2 version but the next gen systems got the creating ability. ANYWAYS, lemme explain a little about the game.

Okay, the entrances are a bit cheese. You only see them come out of the opening on the stage and thats about it =/ The controls aren't THAT bad. People i know who got the game said that it was terrible but i don't find them that bad. I mean, hell i love wrestling games so i had to pick this up. I liked TNA more than WWE at the time so i thought i'd give it a try. THe graphics are really nice for the PS2 and that surprised me. I paid 40 or 50 bucks for this game (i dun remember lol) but i got a bonus DVD with is and i thought the DVD was wicked. Anyways, if u can grab this game for 10-15 bucks now, i'd say go for it. The game is kinda crappy if you don't have someone to play with you. I had one other person i knew who bought the game so after we played each other enough times it got boring.

Now, the matches in the game are cool. I thought Ultimate X was interesting and fun to play. It was new and this is TNA's first game that they've released so you can't expect it to be perfect right away. Me and my friends joke about this game now just for fun but i will occasionally pick this up and play it for something different.

If you like wrestling games, or just a game to pick up and play, then i'd say get it. Others on this board may say that you should avoid at all costs but i got it when it was 40-50 bucks and i still own my copy lol. Lots of people have traded back in or even destroyed their copies lol.
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