TNA Impact 2 ???? (Unknown)

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User Info: Rodimus2005

8 years ago#1
I went over on the release sections over at and they have TNA Impact 2 released for a TBA 2009 which would be another holiday release date like the original one was.

Also they said they were rushing the game to get it out in time, that is not a good sign and I dont look foward to it making any major improvements over the original game.

Maybe a newer Season mode, updated CAW Mode, more grapples and moves and the addition of the Knockouts such as Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde.

Maybe some new Match Types such as Lethal Lockdown

But other than that I think it will be about the same as the 1st TNA Impact with little improvements.

But I havent heard anything for awile on this game since that interview and nothing is mentioned on it in my magazines or my websites i go to regularly.

Everything is always changing getting canned so I dont know if this game will make the cut or not but I guess we will find out this Holiday season.

Probably be release on the same systems as TNA 1 was it is also listed on Playstation 2 but it is not known if the next Smackdown game will be or not.

I doubt that, cause the next game is being geard towards the on-line community it is even being called Smackdown vs. Raw Online making it the 1st time in smackdown history that a smackdown game has been released for the PC.

User Info: The Top Crusader

The Top Crusader
8 years ago#2
I know they are wanting to make that, but I think the financial condition of Midway is making that impossible...
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